Dec 1, 2023

In which order should you pack your home for relocation

In which order should you pack your home for relocation

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Moving consists of many things that you have to do. One of the most boring ones, for almost anyone, is packing. Most of the time, this process is slow and static and therefore you are repulsed by it. Still, no matter how boring it is, you need to do it right since it is an unavoidable and essential process for any relocation. You will protect your items and be sure that nothing will happen to them. There is always the recommended option of hiring Capital City Bins in order to get high quality moving supplies. Besides that, the mostly depends on you. Find out what is the exact order in which you should pack your home for relocation.

When you pack your home for relocation, where should you start?

Many people make a series of mistakes when packing their home for moving, especially if they have a big house. Packing an apartment is much easier when we compare it to packing a house. Still, the order you pack in is very important regardless of whether it is an apartment or a big house.

  • Basement or attic
  • Guest rooms
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen and bathroom

This is the correct way in which you should pack you home. The reasons for this particular order are many and we will mention them further in the text.

Packing your home for relocation must be done in a certain order.

Some rooms come first, and some come last. This order is determined to make sure you pack efficiently.

Basement or attic

In order to pack your home for relocation in the best order possible, you should finish packing your basement or attic before the rooms that you use more. One of the problems with this is that you may have a lot of stuff in here. Before you start packing, you should declutter and throw away anything that you will not use after the relocation. Most people usually have more items that they need in the basement.Once you declutter, you can start packing your basement and attic for moving. Even though there are many items you can use as packing supplies, you should be careful with them. You certainly do not want anything to happen to the items that you need. Always calculate and think whether improvised moving supplies are the best idea.

Guest rooms

One of the biggest mistakes people make is starting from the rooms that they use the most! If you pack them before less used ones, you will find out that you do not have clothes to change or clean towels to dry. That is why you should always start from rooms that you do not use that much. For example, a guest room is something that you can start with and work your way up. These rooms usually do not take that much time since there are not that many items. You will pack it much easier tha other rooms and you will boost up with the positive energy that you need to finish the rest!


The next room in line should be the bedroom. Of course, you should not pack it completely. Since you should start packing a few days before the relocation, you will still need some clothes and other things from the bedroom. Then again, there is always that essentials box and essentials bag that come in handy. That means that everything else is eligible for packing and you should not avoid doing this. Most of the items will be clothes or sheets and, therefore, packing a bedroom should not be that complicated. Clothes do not require any special packing technique.

A bedroom.

Pack everything that you absolutely do not need.

Living room

This can be the room that you use the most on your everyday basis. On the other hand, it is not that important when we talk about packing. What we mean by this is that you can live without using it a couple of days before the relocation. That is why you should pack the living room next. There are usually a lot of things located in this room. You should make one very important separation: fragile items and non-fragile items. After that, be sure to pack fragile items with care since they can break easily. You absolutely need to use green moving supplies because they are both of high quality and will protect your items properly.

The kitchen and the bathroom come last when you pack your home for relocation

The final two rooms that you need to pack are the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, packing does not mean that you will not use them. It just means that you should start packing things that you will not use. Most of the kitchen appliances should be packed and that is a process where you should be careful. Just remember to clean the appliances before packing them. You need to be delicate in order to minimize the chances of anything bad happening to them. Packing a bathroom is usually not that hard. You just need to pack your items in the moving boxes and seal them.

The kitchen.

The kitchen should be one of the last rooms you pack but do not forget it is one of the hardest ones to pack also.

Is it better to get professional help?

As we have said, packing an apartment should not be that hard. On the other hand, packing a big house can be troublesome. One of the things that you should expect from a full moving service is packing. The whole process is done professionally and with the use of the best packing supplies coming directly from the moving company.Besides regular moving supplies, you can get eco-friendly moving boxes that can endure a lot of weight. Since they are durable, you can be sure that all of your items will be properly packed and protected from any kind of damage. Of course, we are all different and we need different things. If you feel that you can pack the whole household by yourself, you should do it. On the other hand, if you are not sure about the techniques of packing, it is better to leave someone professional to handle the process.

That is the order should you pack your home for relocation in

You can properly pack your home for relocation only if you know the exact order in which you should do it. Even though many people minimize the work needed for packing, a little mistake can be enough to ruin your relocation. Pack your household this way and you will slowly lower the number of items that you need to pack and therefore lower the stress. Avoid mistakes like packing in one day you will have the most relaxed move ever!