Dec 1, 2023

Items that kids can pack by themselves when relocating

Items that kids can pack by themselves when relocating

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Moving with kids can be a chore. Even disregarding the practical steps, like packing and unpacking, you will need to help them understand what is happening. And that emotional labor can be the most difficult of all. However, if you include them in the packing process, it will let them feel like they are still in control. This will make it easier to transition to a new home. Plus, the more they pack by themselves the less you have to do. Give them some plastic moving containers and have them help you out. But, they can’t be allowed to pack everything, so here are items that kids can pack by themselves.

Kids can pack their toys

Your kids know their toys better than you do. Just provide them with enough green moving supplies and they can pack the toys themselves. Children grow very attached to their favorite toys. A benefit of letting them pack the toys is that they can see that the toys will go with them when they move. It’s much easier to show kids what is happening instead of trying to explain it. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you let them do it. You can help out if some of the toys are fragile and need special care, but toys are definitely items that kids can pack by themselves.

Little boy playing with a toy.

Toys are definitely items that kids can pack by themselves.

School supplies

If your kids are a bit older and already going to school, let them pack their school supplies. In general, it’s hard for them to mess anything up. School supplies are not fragile. It can also be a good opportunity to teach them some responsibility. You can rent reusable moving boxes and tell them that if they damage anything, it goes out of their allowance. Once again, if something is truly expensive, you can do it yourself. But, let them take care of the rest. School supplies don’t take up a lot of space, so even if they don’t pack perfectly, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Let them pack their “essential” travel box

You should also let them pack the items they want on their person during the move itself. It will help calm them down and allow you to focus on more important things. Give them their backpack and let them put their favorite toy, book, game, etc. in it. Of course, you will pack the actual essential box. You can’t forget items like clothes, food, toiletries, medicine, and documents, so that shouldn’t be left up to them. Have them pack what they think they need to remain calm. If your kids are a bit older, the move will be easier.

Items that kids can pack by themselves.

Let them pack whatever they wish in their backpack.

What you should never allow them to pack

Finally, we need to discuss what you should never allow your kids to pack. While there are many items that kids can pack safely, if not efficiently, they simply shouldn’t be allowed near some others. Don’t let them near any plastic moving containers that contain dangerous chemicals. You know how kids are – they like to experiment and try everything. Keep any dangerous chemicals out of their reach. The same goes for anything else that might hurt them. They need to stay away from knives, scissors, and any other sharp objects. Also, secure anything fragile – like mirrors or vases. Basically, the same things that you wouldn’t allow them to go near while they are in the house. In the end, you know your kids best, so have them help with what you judge to be appropriate.