Dec 1, 2023

Items that require climate controlled storage

Items that require climate controlled storage

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Most of us cannot live without our creature comforts. We accumulate large amounts of things that bring us joy at the moment. However, the time comes when we don't have any more room to place them in. But lack of space isn't a reason to panic. There is a simple solution - rent a storage unit. On the other hand, you cannot just place your items in storage and forget about them. You need to ensure that there are proper conditions for each item that will prolong its life span. Some of your items may require climate controlled storage. There are many factors that can make an item sensitive to changes in temperature. In order to know whether or not you need a unit that has climate control, read our list and make the right choice.

Wood and leather furniture requires climate controlled storage

Any piece of furniture made of wood needs specific conditions in order to stay intact. If there is too much humidity in the air, the wood might crack or change shape, destroying it completely. On the other hand, leather is also very susceptible to moisture and mildew. If your leather furniture stays in a unit without climate control, you might not recognize it. Most likely, the color will fade and the leather will crack. Also, if you live in an area with big fluctuations from hot to cold temperatures, you will need to put your furniture in a climate controlled storage unit.

Two leather sofas and a chair that need to be in a climate controlled storage unit.

Leather is expensive, so take care of it properly.Many people put their things in storage when they're moving, which is an excellent way to keep them safe. But you also have to think about the items you are moving to your new home. You need to pack them the right way in plastic moving tubs so that water and mold cannot get to them.

Your fine art needs the right temperature

Whether you have a collection of famous paintings or want to keep your own crafts safe, you need to opt for a unit with climate control. Temperatures lower than 70° and higher than 75° can significantly damage your artwork. Moreover, if the humidity in the unit is more than 50%, your valuables might be irrevocably destroyed. While you do need to put all your arts and crafts in safe containers such as tubes and cabinets, know that this is not enough. Don't risk losing items with sentimental or monetary value and go with climate control.Climate controlled units are more expensive than regular ones but they are definitely worthwhile. Also, you can save money on your move if you rent moving supplies so that you can spend it on this type of storage unit.

Put musical instruments in a climate controlled storage unit

There are a number of reasons people put their musical instruments in storage, but there is only one way of keeping them safe. No matter if you plan on storing them for a couple of weeks or for many years, the conditions are the same. Since musical instruments are highly valuable and expensive, you don't want to risk finding them ruined. When it comes to pianos, humidity can affect it in many ways. First of all, the strings on the piano are prone to rust if exposed to humidity. Secondly, the glue that holds the piano together will dissolve and give in.

The inside of a piano.

You never know when you might want to play your piano again.However, pianos are not the only instruments that having no climate control can affect. Acoustic guitars also have strings that can rust and become useless. While they are easier to replace than on a piano, you don't want to waste time replacing the strings every time you want to take it out of storage. Finally, woodwind instruments are not safe either. As we've mentioned, high humidity and temperatures can distort wood, thus making it worthless.

Photos and documents are sensitive to moisture

No one wants their precious memories ruined. The photos you keep in your storage unit are there for a reason - you want them to last as long as possible. However, if you don't find a climate controlled storage unit, you risk losing them forever. During high temperatures, the ink on the photos can dissolve and run. This makes it impossible to discern what was on the picture. One of the most common mistakes people make when packing a storage unit is to stack their photos on top of each other. High humidity and hot weather can make them stick together and impossible to separate without destroying them. Climate control in your unit will allow you to control the temperature and humidity levels so that you can keep all your items safe.

Keep your wine in a safe environment

Wine collectors spend a lot of time and money on this hobby. With such high investments, it makes perfect sense that you should keep your wine collection in a safe environment. Bottles of wine require specific temperatures in order for their quality not to suffer. Experts say that the ideal temperature ranges from 55° to 57°F. Anything above that will give your wine a metallic taste that cannot be reversed. If you have an especially large or expensive collection, you should do whatever you can to prevent it from oxidizing. That is where climate control comes in handy.

A wine rack with many bottles of wine.

Sometimes, an elaborate wine rack in your home is just not enough.

Electronics should be in storage with climate control

Whether you plan on storing only one TV or an entire expensive audio setup, you need to know the benefits of climate controlled storage for electronic devices. High temperatures can destroy the motherboards of these devices and effectively ruin them. On the other hand, humidity can also destroy some of their components. In order to know the ideal temperature for your device, you should read the manual. However, more likely than not, you will find out that you need to keep it in a climate controlled unit. So don't waste any time and find a unit that fits your needs today!