Dec 1, 2023

Keeping your kids busy on a moving day

Keeping your kids busy on a moving day

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What makes people feel so anxious about changing their address? And not just anxious, some people are downright scared. First of all, relocation is a complex process that has to be cleverly organized if you wish that everything goes according to plan. This is why you should consider acquiring professional assistance for the move. Seasoned movers have all the necessary knowledge and tools to carry out every type of relocation. On the other hand, some aspects of the moving process are quite simple, and there is no reason to call professional assistance. For example, you could pack your belongings on your own. To perform this task, you would have to acquire some moving supplies. Eco friendly moving boxes are the right thing to do. Our environment should be the top priority even during turbulent times like relocation. Secondly, people are afraid of relocation because it brings many changes. Those changes are especially difficult for our children. Keeping your kids busy on moving day is one way to help them cope with relocation stress. We will use this article to show you how to do it, so stay tuned for more.

Delegate some of the relocation duties to kids

Like we already said, relocation brings many changes to our lives and daily routines. One of the ways to helps your kids overcome those difficult times is to involve them in the proceedings. Delegate some of the moving duties to your kids and help them feel like they are a part of the team. Furthermore, another pair of helping hands is always a welcome addition, especially if your kids are older. They could really help you pull off this move and lower the stress levels.

Keeping your kids busy on a moving day is crucial for successful relocation

Delegate some of the relocation duties to your kids to make things easierSo, here are some of the duties that could be transferred to your kids:

  • Labeling the boxes. All cardboard boxes and plastic bin boxes should be labeled before the move. This will help you keep track of your belongings and make the unpacking process easier. Give your kids marker pens and an inventory list where they will write down the contents of each box.
  • Let your kids join the cleaning process. Kids are perfectly capable of performing this task, and this could be a great opportunity for them to start building work ethics, the basis of a successful future.
  • Your kids could pack their own belongings for the move. Give them a few boxes and explain to them how to safely pack their clothes, toys, and books. You will that they will find this chore extremely interesting and fulfilling.

Cartoons will help with keeping your kids busy on a moving day

If your kids are too small to help you out, and you don’t have a place where they could stay during this period, the only option is to set up a safe room for them. Your kids need to have a safe spot in the house, as your home will be full of unknown people during the moving day. Isolate your kids from noise, dust, and bustle, and ensure that they have a place to rest.A lot more stress awaits them when you arrive at your destination. It is not easy to get adjusted to new surroundings, anew school and it’s certainly not easy to make new friends. The adaptation process could last for several months. Pack all the items from this room first so that you can prepare it for kids. When it’s empty equip it with a TV, toys, video game consoles, and your children’s favorite cartoons. Place a portable refrigerator with refreshments and a bowl with snacks. Leave family pets in the same room so that they keep them company.

Picture of a kid watching TV

Cartoons are a great way of keeping your kids busy on a moving day

Ask your friends and relatives for help

If you don’t have resources for keeping your kids busy on a moving day, you should ask your friends and relatives for help. Remember that you are not alone in these difficult times and your friends and family members will be glad to help you out. After all, this might be their last chance to spend some quality time with you and your kids, especially if you are moving long-distance. This is a difficult period and you should seek help wherever it is possible. If all your relatives and friends are busy, you can even ask your neighbors for help. This might be an even easier solution as they are just across the street.

Let your kids go outside and play

Are you moving during spring or summer? If it’s a nice day outside there is no reason to keep your kids in the house. They are out of school and they deserve to enjoy the nice weather. If you have a backyard let them go outside and play. They could play hide and seek, Simon says, catch or other fun games we used to play as kids. Another option is to let them take a walk around their old neighborhood one last time. This is a great way for them to say goodbye to their friends and memorize streets and parks where they spent their childhood. So, if you have an older kid who can take care of other kids, let them take a walk, get some fresh air and take a break from moving day hysteria.

Picture of girl walking down the road

If it's nice outside let your kids take a walk down their neighborhood one last time

Advantages of keeping your kids busy on a moving day

As you can see, keeping your kids occupied during relocation is beneficial to everyone. Let them play if they are too young so that you are free to concentrate on moving day problems. If they are old enough, they could really help you out and ease the relocation burden significantly. Follow out tips and you will see that moving is not that problematic when you are organized. We wish you a safe relocation.