Dec 1, 2023

Labeling boxes for a move - why does it matter?

Labeling boxes for a move - why does it matter?

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There are many steps in your preparation for relocation that you simply can't skip. One of those essential tasks is labeling boxes. Of course, you're aware that packing is probably the biggest part of any relocation. However, it doesn't end once all of your things are sorted into boxes. Instead, there's an extra step you should take to complete this process and it's labeling. This is a quick and easy thing that can help you a lot. If you're unsure about why labeling is so essential, don't worry. We're here to tell you why labeling boxes for a move is important and how you can do it properly.So, stick around and you'll find out how to complete the packing process before your move.

Getting proper packing supplies

Before you can even think about labeling boxes for a move, it's essential to get the appropriate packing supplies. There are a few options available when you're thinking about which moving supplies to get. We'll give you some suggestions to make gathering the packing materials a bit easier and quicker.

  • Cardboard boxes. For most people, cardboard boxes are practically synonymous with packing. They are the cheapest option and the easiest to get hold of. Many people like using cardboard boxes because they're practical and they can get them for free. However, these boxes aren't the sturdiest, so there's a risk of your things getting damaged. They don't provide a lot of protection for your things.
  • Plastic bins. Another option you can go for is plastic bin boxes which are sturdier than regular cardboard ones. They will keep your belongings a bit safer. And the great news is - you don't have to buy them. You can rent them instead.
  • Wooden crates. Last but not least, you can opt for wooden crates. Again, they are pretty sturdy which is great. However, they can get damaged is there's any spillage in the moving van, so keep that in mind.

The point is, if you team up good supplies with the proper labeling, you will save yourself a lot of trouble during the entire relocation. Now we can continue to the next topic which is exactly that, proper labeling.

A couple that was not labeling boxes for a move and used low-quality supplies.

Before you start sorting your things and even think about labeling boxes for a move, you need to get the right packing supplies.

Labeling boxes for a move properly

Categorize your belongings before labeling

A good way to start packing your belongings is by sorting everything into categories. Having a packing system will make packing less chaotic and it will be helpful when you're unpacking later. You can categorize your items by room, by use, material, or any other way you'd like. You can even separate each family member's things into different boxes. The important thing is that everything has its own place and that you don't just haphazardly throw things into moving boxes. Once everything is in the appropriate box, you can start labeling the boxes for relocation.

Use a permanent marker for labeling boxes

Because you've sorted your things into different categories, labeling boxes for a move won't be difficult to do. All you need to do is write the contents of the boxes on all sides of the boxes. For example, write ''clothes'' on the box containing your clothing. Something to keep in mind is that it's best to use a permanent marker for labeling moving boxes. Why? Well, because you want the labels to stay in place and not smudge or disappear during transport.

A woman labeling boxes for a move.

Make sure to write labels with a permanent marker so that don't smudge or disappear.So, simply get a permanent marker and write the labels. If you decided to rent reusable moving boxes so you don't want to write directly onto the boxes, you can write labels on pieces of paper and stick them onto the boxes. This way you'll still know what lies in each box, but you won't damage the boxes you rented.

Make the labels big, visible and clear

If you want the labels to actually serve their purpose, you need to make the visible. Luckily, that's easy to achieve. First of all, make sure you're using a marker that's a dark color and easy to read. Other than that, write the labels on each side of the box so that you can see the labels from any angle. When you're writing the labels, make sure they are big enough so you can read them easily. The important thing is that the labels are understandable and visible. Otherwise, there's not much point to labeling boxes for a move.

Pay extra attention to boxes containing fragile items

Even though the best thing to do is label all the boxes, there are certain boxes that should be a priority. Namely, your boxes that contain fragile items are the ones that require the most attention. The same goes for any other boxes that contain items that require extra care. When it comes to fragile objects, clearly label them as fragile and make sure the labels are visible. You can even draw arrows pointing up to serve as a guide when loading the moving truck. Whether you're packing storage bins or moving boxes, you should do everything you can to protect fragile objects. After all, these boxes should be handled with care and attention.

Why is labeling boxes for a move so important?

Now that you know how to properly label boxes for a move, we'll tell you why this step is so important. Labels let the movers know how to handle the boxes. If the movers know what lies inside the boxes, they know how to handle them and if they should pay extra attention to certain boxes. This will help them properly take care of your fragile objects. Other than helping the movers carry the boxes properly, labels will help them load and unload the truck. They'll know where each box should go and if they can stack them on top of each other. Not only are the labels helpful for the movers, but they will also help you once you're in your new home! You'll know where to put each box and which ones you should unpack first. And it's nice to have something make unpacking after the move easier.

A woman leaning on a moving boxes labeled as fragile.

Labeling the boxes is a step that can help in many different ways.

Now you can get everything done properly

You understand why labeling boxes for a move is so important, we have made that clear. All that is left is for you to follow our suggestions and make the entire relocation process a little easier than it would be without this information. We hope that everything ends well and that you will have a stressfree move!