Dec 1, 2023

Labeling plastic totes - simple guide

Labeling plastic totes - simple guide

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Whether you want to put some of your precious belongings into a storage unit for a longer period of time or you only need a temporary solution until you move, you still need to come up with an efficient way to label boxes that'll be inside your storage unit. Labeling is what will help you keep your unit organized and that's why you can't avoid doing this. Labeling plastic totes might sound simple but there are some important specifics that you'll need to be aware of. Therefore, you should learn all about this process in order to store your items like a pro. Fortunately, just by reading our comprehensive guide, you'll get all the necessary info regarding this topic so make sure to keep reading it!

Why it's necessary to label plastic totes?

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Are you aware of the importance of labeling boxes?In case you didn't know, there are so many purposes of plastic bins! However, they are mostly being used for relocations. Plastic totes make probably the best relocation and storage containers! Sure, you can always use cardboard boxes, but the plastic ones are sturdy enough to keep all of your belongings safe. This is why most people opt for plastic totes when moving their home or storing some of their precious belongings.So, if you decide to get green box rentals as containers for your upcoming move, it's necessary to learn how to label them. You're might wondering why it's so important to label plastic totes. Well, the answer is quite simple. During relocations or when storing items, things might become chaotic. The last thing you want to do is go through every bin in order to find one single item. Doing this will create chaos in your home, office, or inside your storage unit. And that's something you'll want to avoid.By labeling every box and writing an inventory list, you'll stay organized and your storage space will stay tidy. In order to find that one specific item, all you have to do is look at your labels and you'll find it with ease! As you can see, labeling will save you tons of time and will keep the chaos away. This is why learning how to label plastic totes the right way is of the utmost importance.

Labeling plastic totes like a pro

So, you want to label your eco-friendly moving boxes. All you have to do is use a marker and start writing on your bin. Easy-peasy, right? Well, not really. Since your boxes are made out of plastic, labeling them might be a little tricky thing to do. Markers and pencils can rub off easily and stickers can come off. This is why it's necessary to find a labeling system that will work best for plastic totes. After all, plastic bins are mostly used by people who want to store their items in long-term storages and your labels need to survive this period. So, what are the three most important steps of labeling like a pro?

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You'll need to decide which labeling system you're going to use.

  • Gathering the necessary materials. You'll need permanent markers, label tag holders, masking tape, color labels, paper... All of these materials might be useful to you for labeling.
  • Deciding which labeling system you're going to use. So, there are lots of different labeling systems. You'll need to find out which one will work the best for you and meet your requirements. Therefore, choose wisely!
  • Write the contents of every plastic bin. Try to be as thorough as you can while doing this. An inventory list in every bin will help you find an item in case you need it without having to go through every bin.

Types of labeling systems

In case you're not familiar with types of labeling systems, we'll help you by writing the most common ones. First, there's a color code labeling system. In case you choose this system, you'll need to assign each room a color and then mark every box that contains items from that room in its color. You can use colored tapes, permanent markers, and so on. Aside from the color code labeling system, there's also a numeric labeling system. This system is a simpler one. All you have to do is write a number on each moving box. find a notebook in which you'll write the content of each box. Therefore if you want to find out what's stored in your plastic bin with the number 10, all you have to do is find an inventory list in your notebook for that specific plastic bin.

How to label plastic totes with ease?

Whether you're thinking about storing your book collection or you have to relocate your entire household, the labeling systems from above will help you do this with ease. The reason why people love using plastic totes is that these bins can be reused. They are made of quality material that can last and survive almost everything. However, if you label your bins permanently, you won't be able to use them for a different purpose. Therefore, when labeling plastic totes, your goal will be to do it in a way that will allow you to re-use them. Here's how:

  • Write the contents of your bin on a blue painter's' tape with a permanent marker. This tape can easily be removed without leaving residue and ruining your plastic tote. Therefore, whenever you need to use your bin for a different purpose, just stick another piece of tape and get rid of the old label. It's a perfect solution! And, you can buy it on Amazon while sitting in your cozy home.
  • Find label holders or name tag holders. Slide a small card that'll be your bins' label. You can glue this holder onto your bin and just switch the card whenever you need to update the info on it.
Two name tags
  • Using name tag holders for labeling is one of the simplest solutions.

There you have it, these are all of the tips you'll need for labeling plastic totes like a pro! Make sure to follow them and you won't have to deal with any problems while labeling. Capital City Bins has got your back!