Dec 1, 2023

Leaving your college dorm - the things you shouldn't forget?

Leaving your college dorm - the things you shouldn't forget?

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You must remember your first day. You were young, filled with hope, happiness, and a little bit of fear as you were starting a new chapter of your life. However, the few years of college passed in the blink of an eye and the end is approaching faster than you would like. While preparing for the finals, you should also start preparing plastic packing boxes for moving. Leaving your college dorm is inevitable and as a responsible adult, you should prepare your belonging for the move. It might be sad to say goodbye to the room you spent so many years in but don’t forget that better things await you. Because of this, don’t delay and start packing early.

What should you keep in mind when you are leaving your college dorm?

If you don’t know where to start packing, you should start with your clothes. As finales are fast approaching, you certainly won't start with your books. First, start separating clothes you definitely won't need. As you sort through your clothes, think about finding the right packing materials. Since many college students don’t have much money, you should think about the options of moving bin rental.

A girl carrying books.

It is time to start planning your relocation.As you probably don’t have much experience in packing your whole room for the move, at first it might all look a little bit too complicated and expensive. But don’t worry, you can use some hacks from packing tips for an affordable move. As you start packing your belonging, start also thinking about what should you do with them. If your home is too far away from college, you can rent some affordable storage place for your items before they are shipped home.

Options for the books you won't need any more

As you probably know books are not just hard to learn but also hard to carry. They are often heavy and rigid, and as they come in different sizes, they are not easy to store. For this reason, you don’t really need them all back to your home. There are a few options for the books you won't need anymore. The first and the most favorable for you is to sell the books to make some profit from them. If you want to be more charitable, you can donate to the college library or to younger students. Before you leave your college dorm, you also must clean it and check for possible damage. For smaller damages, you can fix it yourself or with help from your family. Marks or holes on the walls from pictures or posters can be easily covered with spatter. Cleaning your room after moving out is very responsible and praiseworthy.

A clean room as a representation oh how you should be leaving your college dorm.

You should be leaving your college dorm in a well-maintained condition.

Couple more things you should keep in mind

Don’t forget to:

  • Hang out with your friends
  • Celebrate the end of the semester
  • Eat delicious food
  • Make plans to meet again

Leaving your college dorm is the last chapter of your college life and it doesn’t have to pass in sadness and a hurry. Last days in college besides packing and studying, can also pass in fun and socializing.