Dec 1, 2023

Mistakes to avoid when staging your home for sale

Mistakes to avoid when staging your home for sale

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Staging your home for sale and placing it on the market is a big decision. When you decide to do it, you need to try to avoid some mistakes and make some packing plans. With a few tips and mind all set up, it will be a piece of cake. You will not have to worry about supplies that you need for storage and packing, because Capital City Bins is here for you.

Common mistakes when staging your home for sale

People are not always prepared for staging home for sale. You have to think about so many things, that sometimes you forget to deal with the important stuff. Making a list of things that need to be done when the opening day comes is one of the priorities.Some of the things you should pay attention when you stage your home for sale:

  1. Too much or too little furniture- try not to place all of the furniture against the walls.
  2. A room that has furniture that does not fit.
  3. Lightening of the rooms- make sure there is a lot of light and that the place is bright.
  4. Colors of the walls- try not to have too many dark walls and try to avoid too many different colors in one room,
  5. Do not overthink about the personality of a buyer.
  6. Try to lose all the bad smell in the house- for example, make sure that you don't cook the day you are showing your home.
  7. Too much personal stuff lying around the room makes you think is it time to consider renting plastic bins for moving
  8. Removing small items and small mementos
living room is ready for staging your home for sale

Make sure that the furniture is not in the corner when you're staging your home for sale

Removing all the personal stuff when staging home for sale

One of the most common mistakespeople make when they are staging home for sale is leaving all the personal stuff in the open. Packing those things room by room will make the process easier.You should pack personal items in boxes that are firm and safe. Green storage bins are the best solution for you. They are made of plastic and what is more important, they are eco-friendly. You can have them in any size you need.

White coffee table with flowers and book

Make sure that you move all of your personal stuff from coffee table

Packing small things when preparing for sale

Pay attention to the details when you'repreparing home for sale. Having all the small stuff around on the shelves and on a counter can be a big distraction for the buyers and may not take you seriously. If you have a lot of stuff on the coffee table, make sure you pack them away, leaving only a few magazines or just some vase with flowers. You can try using plastic moving tubs in order to pack all the stuff that is on your way. You can have few small boxes and separate the things you have by some category or you can just take one big, label it with the name of the room you are packing, and put all of the things inside.Things that you need to remove or place it somewhere else when you're staging your home for sale should be safe and sound. Try to pack in the right order, labeling them and not overloading them. Plastic boxes will be a huge help. You can either place them in storage or leave them in the room on the open. The way you pack them is the way you will find them, safe and without any marks.