Dec 1, 2023

Most popular NYC neighborhoods for renters

Most popular NYC neighborhoods for renters

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NYC apartment rents Plunge 21% and it's also a drop of more than 6 percent in just one month. That is the biggest decline in NYC apartment rents since 2008. Statistics say that may be due to a huge number of empty apartments. They are raising the vacancy rate that is now even higher than it was last year. Therefore, if you are one of the people running towards the great opportunity of moving to one of the most popular NYC neighborhoods for renters , you will need to rent moving supplies also.

When you are making a list of popular NYC neighborhoods for renters, make a list of couple of them

If you want to save money you should not be looking for an apartment in lower Manhattan. To make the best of it but still stay conveniently close to the city, you should try renting in neighborhoods that you don't hear of so often. According to some statistics, the three cheapest neighborhoods to rent in Manhattan are Marble Hill, Washington Heights, and Inwood. Now that we have the shortlist let's say a bit more about them too:

  • Marble Hill
  • Washington Heights
  • Inwood
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It is important to go green when you are listing the moving supplies-that way you are saving our planet

Go Green while relocating to one of the most suitable and popular NYC neighborhoods for renters

First, let's just say something more about going green. Going green has become crucial in today's world. What pandemics taught us among other things is that we should be more careful with our planet since we have been taking it for granted for too long. So, when we are planning our moving process, we must consider using green moving supplies at all costs. For example, the green wrap is a great alternative to regular wrapping materials.

Marble Hill is an ideal place for students

If you are a college student, Marble Hill is a great place for you. So, check out which type moving bins you need to use since there are numerous social activities are waiting for you here. You cannot have a luxury of wasting time due to exams and due dates and there is no need for it. Just hire a great agency and in no time, you will settle at your new place. At this point, there are more than 1 million currently available apartments for rent. From private studio apartments to 3- and 4-bedroom apartments you can choose and find a perfect place for you near a campus.

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Renting plastic bins is better than buying them

Washington Heights is the obvious choice if you value safety

Naturally, if you have a lot of stuff don't forget to find a company with the storage bins services. Washington Heights, NY is a safe neighborhood and nice place to live in, but maybe you will find a small apartment and that is why storage bins can be a good choice for you. Smooth work commute, popular bars and nightlife, nearby restaurants and grocery stores sound lovely, doesn't it? Renting a 2 bedroom apartment can cost you around 2000 $ per months or even cheaper.

Inwood can be an affordable option to consider

A studio apartment in the Inwood neighborhood can cost you around $1,629 per month. Comparing it with NY, it is pretty cheap. Inwood is extremely culturally diverse. It has numerous Yoga studios and there are multiple social events happening. Therefore, you will not make a mistake if you choose Inwood. Feel free to contact some of the best companies that will provide you the most suitable moving supplies for you.The packing process can definitely be challenging. You should find some high-quality moving supplies company and contact them before you start packing. All in all, if moving to NYC has been your life dream, now is the right time to seize it. After deciding which of the popular NYC neighborhoods for renters is the best for you, better start planning ASAP.