Dec 1, 2023

Moving back with your parents after the divorce

Moving back with your parents after the divorce

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Moving away is in most cases for positive reasons and exciting. But it is not always the case. Sometimes, people have to move for some unpleasant reasons. Moving back with your parents after the divorce is one of them, for instance. It is not a bad thing, but it can be painful sometimes. Anyways, if this is your case, you should know that it could have been even worse. So don't worry. You need to focus on this and prepare yourself for the move. Both mentally and physically. You need to find affordable and reliable movers, and moving bin rental options. It is even better if you decide to go sustainable and carefully decide which moving supplies are you going to use. The thing you need to do first is to calm yourself and relax. Sit down, and think well. You need to adapt to this process.

Couple in a divorce sitting down next to each other.

Discuss everything with your partner before moving back with your parents.

Is moving back with your parents after the divorce a bad thing?

Absolutely not. Divorce is definitely not something people are looking forward to. And many people don't accept it in the best way, which is completely normal and understandable. Some people decide to live alone, or with some friends and new roommates, while others believe that moving back in with your parents is a better option. At that moment, after a break-up or a divorce, you need to be in a place where you can feel safe. And there is not a better place for that than at your parents' house. You will be surrounded by your family, and they will support you. Don't worry, it is not permanent. And you are not a failure. You will just be there for a while until you stand up on your feet again.So, instead of thinking about this and torturing yourself even more, better start planning your move. You need to prepare yourself and be creative. Don't waste any minute more on mourning, and pack instead. You need to figure out what are you going to pack and you will need to find those cheap plastic bins for moving. Better start your research!

Discuss what is yours so you can pack

Before you even start with the packing and whole relocation process, there is one more thing to discuss with your previous partner. You probably have common things by now. And you need to decide who is taking what. Don't fight over it. Sit down when both of you are calm and together make an agreement. Help each other out on this one, since now you are on the same page. There is no need to make a fuss about it when you can agree in a calm way. Once you discuss that, you will have one more step before you start looking for plastic wardrobe boxes for moving. Find your movers! Moving on your own can be really pricey, and you don't want that. So hire an affordable moving company instead. When you figure those things out, it's time to finally pack your things and go.

Mother and daughter discussing moving back with your parents

Your parents will be delighted to host you! But don't overstay.

What moving supplies you will need when you are moving back with your parents?

No matter what is the reason for your move, moving supplies are pretty much the same. Almost all of these things you probably own, but even if not, you can find them for affordable prices. Maybe in some store nearby, or online. However, it's not something you won't manage to find on the same day, so don't worry.

  • Moving boxes - you can use cardboard boxes or the plastic reusable ones
  • Green storage bins - this will be useful
  • Duck tape, scissors, and marker
  • Bubble wrap - or any other material that you can use for wrapping up breakable and fragile items
  • Newspaper - for extra security, but it's not mandatory

Also, you should be aware that there are other items that you can use for packing. You can find alternatives easily. For instance, instead of boxes, you can use the suitcases that you have. And you can pack things in garbage bags. Even better if you use biodegradable ones. Or if you have any kind of bag you can use it. If you are someone who is thinking about our planet and its future, you will definitely want to go green on this one then. You can easily order sustainable and affordable supplies online. There are plenty of things that you can buy, which can help you out with your relocation.

Don't think too much, just pack!

Packing things for relocation is not something complicated. You just need to know which belongings are yours and what you want to pack. If you think there are things that will remind you too much of your previous partner, better leave them, donate them, or sell them. So decide what you want to pack, and just start. You can pack items by room. Start from the bathroom, moving on to the bedroom, and then the rest of the house. Since you are going to your parents, you won't need an essential box, but just in case in one backpack pack the necessary things such as clothes, toiletries, electronics, and chargers. Avoid kitchen utilities, food, towels, and so on because you will have that.When you are packing, it's important that you pay attention to the fragile items. You need to pack them with caution. Bubble wrap is the best protection, so use it to wrap one item at a time. Duck tape it and place it in the box, or bag. Wherever you plan to store things. Then repeat that for every other item. Fill in the empty air with those newspapers. Or you can even use a blanket or bed linen for this one. Then close the box, or whatever you are using, and tape it well. With a marker write down what is in that box. It will be easier to unpack. And especially if something fragile is inside, movers need to know, so they can take care of it.

fragile sign

Do not forget to label your boxes

It's time to heal

After finally moving back with your parents and caming to your old home, it's time to heal. You just went through a break-up and divorce. It's okay to be sad. You need to learn how to heal from a divorce and how to get over it. It's luck that your family will be there for you and you will have support. Appreciate that. Just remember that you are a guest there now, and don't stay too long. Only until you are recovered and ready for a new chapter of life.