Dec 1, 2023

Moving in together - How to combine two NYC apartments into one

Moving in together - How to combine two NYC apartments into one

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When you decide to combine two NYC apartments into one can, that can be a very smart and good decision. It's much easier and more cost-effective for you to buy another apartment next to, above, or below yours. Because this way, you will get another housing unit that you will be able to combine with your apartment. And in that way, get a few more rooms, and avoid the tedious process of moving, but also give your family more comfortable and give them a chance to keep their old routine. But it will also save you some money. What you will definitely need during the implementation of this idea is to rent moving boxes NYC. Because when you connect your two apartments, you will surely want to renovate all the rooms. And that's why moving boxes are necessary for you to temporarily pack your things.

Make more space by combining two apartments in NYC

When you start noticing that your apartment has become cramped and a neighbor is selling his own, this is an ideal opportunity. Don't miss it. But now start packing your things in plastic moving boxes and start preparing for the upcoming works. So, use this opportunity wisely. Visit your neighbor and see the apartment. See the layout of the room and see if it suits your needs. If that's it, you can sign a sales contract. And this way you get another apartment in the same building. But in order not to go walk from your door to the door, consider combining two apartments. You can have a modern duplex, or simply connect two apartments located next to each other.

An apartment connected by stairs to another apartment above

When you combine two NYC apartments into one you get more space, and you can connect them by stairs.This will surely be the smartest move for you because you will avoid spending a lot of money on buying a big house, changing settlements, as well as preparing for the moving process. With that money, and even with less money, you can renovate both apartments. You will already have the opportunity to stay in a small neighborhood and at the same time, you will have more space. So, don't miss this opportunity. Already play every move wisely.

From two apartments make one

You can consult with experts such as architects and interior designers about this work. They can advise you on how to do it best, but also in the most favorable way. First of all, maybe you should consult with your family and listen to everyone's wishes individually and respect them. Then get plans from both apartments and see for yourself how you would like your new combined apartment to look. You decide whether you need a bedroom more, or maybe you want a home office or a room for fun with a large TV. After that, you can talk to the professionals in this business and tell them your wishes. It would not be bad if you make a mini arranging plan by yourself on how you would like it to look. And then the architect and designer will give you their opinion.

How to combine two NYC apartments into one

To get you started, we said you need to get plans for both apartments first. After that, consult with experts, and make final decisions. The course of work depends on where the apartment is located, whether it's above, below, or next to it. You also need to decide what kind of premises you need. And remember don’t do anything on your own because the consequences can be catastrophic.

A person who makes a plan for arranging an apartment on a computer.

Use various applications and programs that you can find on the Internet and on your computer to decorate your apartment.Here are some ways you can combine two apartments depending on where they are located:

  • Apartment next door. Tear down the partition wall between the two apartments if possible. Make bedrooms in one part of the apartment, for everyone separately. Also in this part make a large bathroom. Leave the other part for the kitchen, dining room and large living room, and guest toilet. And in between make a large hallway and front door. If you have space, you can additionally make a study, pantry, or wardrobe.
  • Apartment below. This is where the complete change comes from. The apartment below will become the main part of your home. There can be an entrance to which a large corridor will lead, in which there may be stairs to the upper floor. Then the dining room, kitchen, and living room. And of course the guest toilet. While on the first floor you can have a bedroom and children's rooms, a large bathroom and a study.
  • Apartment above. The situation here is similar to the apartment below. There may be less work here because the center of events will remain in your apartment. Here you will only rearrange the rooms a little.

Before you start working on combining two apartments, find moving supplies

So, keep in mind that you will need to temporarily pack your things while the redevelopment and renovation process takes place. This will not be as difficult as when it comes to moving, but a little easier but similar. You will need to find moving supplies. And we suggest you use green moving supplies for that. By using these boxes, you contribute to the preservation of the environment and the preservation of the planet. These are eco-friendly boxes, easily degradable, and as such prevent environmental pollution. But they are also very suitable for such situations when it comes to temporary packaging in case of renovation, relocation, or storage.

Eco logo on mobile phone

It's very important to use moving supplies made of materials suitable for our environment.

Use storage to temporarily store your belongings

When you combine two NYC apartments into one, you should know at the beginning that there is a little more work to be done. As we said, it is necessary to renovate the entire apartment, connect them, rearrange the rooms and make a new layout. Therefore, we suggest that you use storage units for this. They are the ideal solution when it comes to temporary disposal in case of renovation, relocation, or storage of seasonal items. But to store your things you will need storage bins. Storage bins can be plastic or cardboard boxes in which you will be able to store your things. There are small, medium, large, and many other types of bins. And their choice depends on the number of things, as well as what things you store. Adequate packaging can be found for each of your items.