Dec 1, 2023

Moving supplies you should never buy

Moving supplies you should never buy

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You no longer need to worry about the challenging tasks when it comes to packing and organizing your moving process. With our premium plastic moving bins and green storage bins, this is no longer a concern.

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Big life changes such as moves can be rather stressful and unpredictable. We all want to prepare ourselves as best as we can in these situations, but it can be rather difficult to make the right decisions. If you’re planning a move soon, you might not even know where to begin. Not doing enough research can lead to a lot of cluttered spaces and unnecessary expenses. You want to avoid paying more than necessary and make your move quick and efficient. The number one mistake is to get too many moving supplies, which can be rather costly. In addition, you probably won’t be using them ever again. To make your move easier, you should first learn which moving supplies you should never buy and then take it from there.

Supplies are easy to get, but you don’t need everything

Expenses are unavoidable when it comes to moves. Whether you’re hiring a moving company or doing the heavy lifting yourself, you have to invest a certain amount of money. That’s why you should try to prioritize and not waste your money. It’s perfectly okay to economize whenever you get the chance to. The best way to save money during a move is by renting supplies instead of buying them. Moving is a big step, but it usually occurs only ever so often. You don’t want to clutter your garage with moving supplies you’ll probably never use again. In addition to being an unnecessary expense and a waste of space, most of the moving supplies are bad for the environment. Some of the things you should never buy include:

  • cardboard boxes
  • plastic moving bins
  • styrofoam
  • plastic wrapper
  • plastic bags
Unpacked suitcase

Moving can be overwhelming without moving supplies.

Knowing which moving supplies you should never buy makes the move easier

You should try to find creative solutions to your problems during a move. That means looking for an object in your house which you can use to store other objects. Firstly, you don't need to take your clothes out of the wardrobe. Jackets and coats are especially better left hanging in the closet. That way, your clothes can remain neat and tidy, and you've saved money on moving boxes.

Suitcases in the living room

Suitcases can replace some moving supplies you should never buy.You also most likely have suitcases that you are probably not using for travelling right now. Put them to good use and fill them with whatever can fit. Use anything from baskets to bags to pack smaller pieces of clothing and bedding. You don’t need wrappers. Use cloths like towels and aprons instead to wrap fragile items to make sure they don’t break in the moving process. Furthermore, you can even rent supplies like plastic bin boxes at an affordable price nowadays.

Packing peanuts are the way to go

Make sure to categorize your items and don't put breakables and valuables somewhere they can get lost or damaged. You can use styrofoam to keep them in check, but there is a better way. Get some green moving supplies that will not only protect your items but will do it in an environment-friendly way. It’s just as effective as styrofoam, but not as damaging to our planet. Always keep in mind that you’ll have to unpack everything after the move. Once the move is done, you’ll be left with Try to look for alternatives to buying typical moving supplies. If you get biodegradable supplies, your life after the move will be a lot easier.

Rent supplies you don’t want to buy for a stress-free move

Now you know which supplies you shouldn't buy, it’s time to seek alternative solutions. You can always borrow moving supplies from friends and family if you know they’ve recently gone through a move. The best way, however, is to rent moving supplies. Not only will you save some money because renting is cheaper than buying, but you won’t have to deal with disposing of supplies once you’ve unpacked. You don’t want to deal with empty boxes and bags once your move is done. Moving can be a stressful process that consumes time and energy. After unpacking you’ll want to enjoy your new home and rest, so let the renters take care of your used supplies.

Save money by renting supplies online

A lot of moving companies have online stores on their websites. You can order everything you need from there. It will be sent to your home address at your convenience. That way, you’re not only saving time and money, but your supplies will be there whenever you’re ready to start packing. Besides, ordering moving supplies online is also a good way to economize if you’re on a tight budget.

couple deciding which moving supplies you should never buy

Save money by renting moving supplies online!

Be considerate of the environment

Even during your most stressful moments, you shouldn’t forget about the importance of your community. Luckily, your current goal of moving as efficiently as possible aligns perfectly with being eco-friendly. Your everyday moving supplies are usually not biodegradable. Therefore you should be sure to know all your options before you commit. You should look for companies that care about the environment. The best companies that rent moving supplies are the ones that offer eco-friendly services. They rent supplies which will surely be most suitable for you. Not only will you then have everything you need for the most efficient move ever, but you also won’t have to worry about disposing of your used boxes later.

You’ve avoided buying unnecessary moving supplies, now what?

Once you know which moving supplies you should never buy, it gets easier. Figure out what you’ve already had in your home. Remember to make good use of drawers and wardrobes. In the end, however, you’re going to need some supplies, and renting is the best option. Contact reliable and affordable companies like Capital City Bins to get your supplies. Once the move is done, you won’t have any work left and that’s when your new life begins. Just be sure to spread the word about what you’ve learned. Used non-biodegradable moving supplies are seldom disposed of right. We want to keep our planet safe as we make a leap of fate and move to a new place.