Dec 1, 2023

Moving tips for people with disabilities

Moving tips for people with disabilities

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Moving is a difficult endeavor for any person that is going through it. It's hard enough to rent moving bins NYC, pack up all of your items in them, and relocate them to your new home. But it's that much harder to do it when you are presented with an obstacle that makes this process run with interruptions. Millions of people are living with different disabilities, ranging from mild to severe. But far be it that moving is impossible in this situation. Hard? Yes! But impossible? No! At least not after reading our moving tips for people with disabilities.

When it comes to useful moving tips for people with disabilities, hiring movers is as good as it gets

Every person should move with the help of a good moving company. When people are moving locally, and when all the circumstances are in their favor, people usually decide to attempt a DIY move. And that's okay for easy moves. But when you are moving long-distance or have any disabilities, hiring a moving company is a must. For that matter, don't just hire any old moving company - hire full-service movers!

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Feel free to relax! Your full-service movers will take care of everything for you!Full-service movers will provide assistance for just about any moving task. They will arrive with cardboard boxes and plastic moving bins NYC and will ensure those boxes get filled up with your items. By providing help with everything from packing to loading and unloading, there won't be anything for you to do. Even though it doesn't seem like it, finding full-service movers at reasonable rates isn't impossible. The only thing you have to do is ask whether they have any experience in moving people with disabilities. If their answer is positive and they are available at the time you need them, you can relax a bit. And if money is a problem for you, we have a solution for that, as well!

You are eligible to apply for financial aid during moving

It's a fact that people who are living with disabilities usually need more help, and there is nothing wrong with that. The good news is that if this is your situation, you are eligible to apply for financial aid with different organizations. Organizations such as the National Institute on Life Planning for People with Disabilities will provide assistance by giving you a grant.The only thing you have to remember is to write down the exact thing you need help with when submitting a request. Are you in need of movers you can't afford? Do you plan to pay for cleaning service? Feel free to go into details and wait for the good news.

It's very important to find important healthcare providers near your new home

This isn't just one of our moving tips for people with disabilities - it's our tip for every person out there. One simply never knows when he or she might need urgent medical care. In that situation, you should already have a number to call or a doctor to turn to. However, in this situation, it's even more important that you do it on time. In fact, it should be one of your priorities on your moving checklist and timeline. You can always replace an item that you forget to pack or which was damaged, but you can never do the same with your health.

A visit to a doctor is one of the best moving tips for people with disabilities.

The list should include every type of doctor you think you might need.Create a list that will contain locations and phone number of primary care physicians, the nearest emergency room, and any other specialists that you have to visit. Remember, this list should be made before the moving day. Once you arrive at the new location, place that list in a visible and easily accessible spot in the home. That way, it will be within everyone's reach should it be needed.Extra tip: don't forget to refill your medication before moving. Who knows how long it will take you to unpack, and you might not have enough time to visit a doctor. When it comes to moving tips for people with disabilities, mark this one as an important one!

Make sure you assess all of your needs before moving into a new home

Have you purchased a new home? If you have, then you will need to ensure that either you or someone else take care of all the possible accessibility issues. Make sure that the doors are easy to open, the hallways are of appropriate width, the cabinets are withing your reach, etc. This needs to be dealt with ahead of time as you need to have full mobility once you relocate. Besides, knowing that your new residence is adjusted to your needs will reduce moving stress and anxiety you may be experiencing, so it will certainly be very beneficial.

A view inside the hallway of a house.

Your new home has to be completely functional by the time you move in.In case you will be renting a place, the procedure doesn't change. All you have to do is add an additional item on your to-do list and that is to have a chat with your landlord. He or she needs to agree with all the changes you might make to the house. It might be one of the less pleasant moving tips for people with disabilities, but it's a useful tip nonetheless.

Don't forget to pack an overnight bag

At the end of the day, this will be the first of our moving tips for people with disabilities you will be thankful for! Packing an overnight bag is a must if you want to easily survive the first night in your new home. You certainly won't be up to unpacking as soon as you arrive at your new home, and it will be useful not to spend the entire night searching for clean sheets. Or your toothbrush. Or medicine. Pretty much any item you use every night before you go to sleep. Trust us - this is the recipe for success!