Dec 1, 2023

Moving to a micro apartment - how to pack?

Moving to a micro apartment - how to pack?

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Exactly when a small apartment starts to be considered a micro apartment is not an exact science. In general, a single-person living space smaller than a studio qualifies as such. But, regardless of how exactly you define a micro apartment, their popularity has been rising in recent years. For obvious reasons – they are the cheapest option out there. However, you need to put some effort to make it work. And it all starts from the packing process. Whether moving bin rental is your option of choice or you have some other plans for finding packing supplies, here are the steps you should take when moving to a micro apartment.

Measure your new apartment

The first thing you should do is measure your new apartment. This will include measuring the exact size of the apartment, but also all entrances. Both to your apartment and to the building. So, measure your door, the hallway, the width of the stairs or elevators. Your stuff needs to fit into your new apartment. It also needs to be able to get there, if it fits. Don’t just trust that the doors are the standard size. Actually take a tape measure and do the job yourself. If you can’t fit your bed, couch, wardrobe, etc., that’s an issue. Don’t let that happen and measure everything carefully.

A tape measure.

Measure all of the entrances before moving to a micro apartment.

Standard packing preparations

Once you know the fit of your items, it’s time to plan what to pack. In order to make moving to a micro apartment work for you, you’ll need to organize properly. The first step is obvious – anything that can’t physically fit doesn’t go with you. It’s up to you whether you will donate or throw away your items. If you have the time, you could organize a yard sale to save some money. Also, try to take as few items as you can. Even if they can fit into your new apartment, too many items will make the space congested. The point of micro apartments is to live economically, so keep that in mind when planning on what to pack. Then, you just need to get some packing supplies. Get some duct tape, eco friendly moving boxes, bubble wrap, and you’re set for packing.

A box, scissors, and duct tape.

Getting the proper packing supplies should be one of the first steps.

The packing itself

The packing process won’t take too long. If you downsized properly, moving to a micro apartment means you’re packing light. Still, give yourself at least a few days so you don’t have to rush it. Take some affordable plastic bins for storing and start packing room by room. Before you put the items in the bins, wrap them in bubble wrap. Wrap the more fragile items in a double layer. Once you place them in the bin, stuff it with newspaper clippings or even some cloth. Then, give it a small shake. If you can hear movement from inside, stuff it some more so it can't move. Once you are done, secure the bins with duct tape and you’re ready to go!