Dec 1, 2023

Moving to NYC as a student - simple guide

Moving to NYC as a student - simple guide

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Moving to NYC as a student is really isn't easy if you don't have a trust fund with your name on it. This is a very expensive city and relocating here means more than simply packing all your things in plastic moving bins NYC. You probably have high hopes and dreams about your upcoming life in the Big Apple, but the reality can be harsh. Still, this is a city with plenty of possibilities and you can manage just fine with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Moving to NYC as a student - is it the best decision for you?

While you might dream of the New York life from your early teens, you have to be sure before you rent moving bins NYC and start planning your move.

Dollar bills

It all revolves around the living expenses.Sure, it sounds awesome in theory, but the practice might be a bit grayer. You need to take off your purple glasses and determine is moving to NYC as a student the best decision for you. When you're on the student with limited incomes, moving back home might be above your price range. So you have to be sure is the Big Apple truly the best city for you.

In order to do that, think long and hard about the most important features of this city:

  • Affordability - This is the most important feature when assessing any town. It is a make-or-break feature. If you don't have the means to live in New York, there's really no point even to consider the relocation. And this is a city with very high price-tag, so research all of its aspects. The prices of housing, utilities, food and leisure options.
  • Career opportunities - Luckily, New York City offers vast and diverse employment opportunities. Will you be able to keep work and still don't be behind with your studies is also an important thing to consider.
  • Entertainment options - As the city that never sleeps, you will have no problem to find the entertainment by your taste. Surely, it also comes to will you be able to afford it. On the other hand, NYC is amazing place with plenty of free activities, so you can enjoy it even when you're on a strict budget.
  • Traffic - Of course, it is a known fact that public transportation in Big Apple is very good. The metro station web is connecting all the boroughs and neighborhoods, as do bus lines. Moving around in your own car is another story. Having a car in NYC isn't just redundant, but the big monthly cost. Quite unnecessary one, if we may add.

Start planning your move right away

Now that you did your research and determined that moving to NYC is the best for you, you can start planning your relocation.Surely, you will want it to be the most affordable as it can. You can start by considering the time of your relocation. For example, there are several reasons why you should move to New York in the fall. Either way, you should start planning as soon as possible.

Hourglass clock

The time will pass much faster than you think...The more time you have, you can organize better. Also, you will have better chances of striking the best deals for cheaper moving supplies or even affordable movers. It goes without the saying that hiring a moving company is the easiest and stress-free solution. However, when you're moving to NYC as a student, there's a way to conduct a decent DIY move. Want to know how? Well, keep reading...

Relocate only the bare necessities

Relocating to Big Apple as a student usually means restricted funds. By bringing only the things you absolutely can't live without will cut your moving expenses from the start. Also, since the housing is very pricey, the small apartment is likely to be your new home if you are on a tight budget.A small apartment means little room for your things. If you plan to share it with the roommate, it decreases the space even further.Rather than dealing with the stress and expense of shipping your college furniture and all other stuff, pack the following:

  • Suitcase of clothes and shoes for both work and play
  • Laptop
  • Cell phone
  • A travel mug
  • Coffee pot

While it seems rather minimalistic, it will be more than enough if you rent a furnished apartment. There's no need to add clutter already small living space. Most students are moving to Big Apple from the parent's home. If that's your case also, leave all but essentials things you possess in your hometown.If you really can't stand to be apart from your things, do what most New Yorkers do - rent a storage unit. There are many facilities that are providing these services, so you can easily find the affordable one. While there are pros and cons of shared storage units, this option might work for you as well.

Man with a suitcase, moving to NYC as a student

Pack light and cut the expenses.

Find a roommate when moving to NYC as a student

Moving to the city for the first time is expensive - we can't stress that enough. Unless you have a high-level job waiting for you, it is best to start your time in New York with a roommate. Or maybe even a couple of them, according to your financial situation.The problem is that you need a lot of money to rent a living space in NYC. From the very start, you will have to pay one month’s security deposit and first and last month’s rent. If the rent is, for example, $3000, it will mean you will have to give a whopping $9000 even starting your job.With the roommate, this price drastically reduces itself, as does the monthly rent and living expenses. Luckily, you aren't the only one in this position. In fact, most of the younger population in NYC share an apartment. While finding a perfect roommate might be a sword with two blades, there are plenty of find-the-roommate websites that can help you with that.Also, having someone to talk to after the hard day is much better than coming to an empty apartment. If you have luck and choose your roommate carefully, it can even become your new best friend.