Dec 1, 2023

Moving to NYC with a cat - tips and tricks

Moving to NYC with a cat - tips and tricks

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There is a popular saying that dogs are humans' best friends. But if you ask cat owners, they will deny it wholeheartedly. If you have a cat in your life, you know how lovely they can be. Still, cats are very territorial. For this reason, when you are moving to NYC with a cat, your cat will depend on your help. Help your can to adjust to a new situation. When it comes to moving, it is always good to keep cat food on the hand. You can use one of the cheap plastic bins for moving to stash a cat food in one place. Here are some very important tips for the move.

Preparation is the key when moving to NYC with a cat

Cats are very popular pets in New York City. It is believed that a half million cats live in NYC homes with their humans. Before you put your signature to any contract, make sure that your new building is pet friendly. Also before the move, visit your vet for advice. Some cats don’t like travel, and if yours is a long-distance move, sedatives could do wonders for cats. If your cat is calm, you will be as well, so you can dedicate your time contacting Capital City Bins to get your packing supplies. When packing with a cat, the best thing is to have a plan. Make your packing plan, follow it through, and try to stay calm. Cats are very intuitive animals. They will know when you are feeling nervous or stressed. All these negative emotions will reflect on them. Trying to stay calm will not help just your cat but also you. When packing your things for a cat, you can use reusable moving totes. They are ideal for any type of item or for storage.

A cat under a blanket.

Cats are scared of big changes.

How to transport your cat to a new home

Your cat will also need special accommodation for travel. The best thing is to get a cat carrier for a car. If you don’t own a carrier, you can get one at any pet shop near you. When you are buying it, keep in mind the size of the carrier. Cats come in all shapes and sizes. Get one with enough space so your cat will be comfortable through the ride. How to make your cat feel comfortable? You can try putting your cat's favorite blanket in the carrier a few days before the move. This way, your cat can become familiar with the carrier. On a moving day, you can keep your kids busy by letting them take care of the cat. Food also is a plus. Carriers are a good solution for any type of transport. You can keep your cat close all the time through the move.

Moving to NYC with a cat in the basket.

Moving to NYC with a cat means you should buy an appropriate carrier for your pet.

What to do when you arrive at your new home with a cat

Things that will help them feel like home are the following:

  • Cat’s food and water
  • Traveling carrier
  • Favorite toys
  • Litter trays
  • Bed or pillow

Moving to NYC with a cat is not the hardest part. When you arrive at a new house, there are many challenges waiting for you. You will need to help your cat to adapt to a new house. Let your cat explore the new house at their own pace. Don’t rush and pressure them. Put their things at a similar place as in the old house.