Dec 1, 2023

Moving to NYC with a newborn - how to organize?

Moving to NYC with a newborn - how to organize?

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A new family member has arrived! But with all the preparations that need to be done by the baby comes and all the obligations that you have around him when he comes to the world are exhausting. With all those things on your mind, you have decided on moving to NYC with a newborn? You must be very brave. And since that is a big decision, Capital City Bins is here to help you if you need to rent moving supplies and equipment that you will need during the move. So fasten your seatbelts, because we are going on a ride!

How to prepare for moving to NYC with a newborn?

There is no hack or a special formula when it comes to making moving easier. But you can always try with some tips and guides that will make your a life little easier when you need to move. Remember that newborns are very sensitive. The whole process of moving will be less stressful if you are not interrupting their routine. This means pay attention on the napping time and make sure that the baby will sleep at the same time as usual.

Baby sleeping after moving to NYC

Make sure that the baby routine remains the same while you are preparing for the move.

Packing tips

When it comes to moving with a baby it means that your priorities will be and must be different. So, instead of worrying about whether how well you pack your kitchen or the bedroom, think about the baby stuff. So the main priority is the nursery room. You need to pack it last and unpack it first. In order to always have your baby stuff near you, this is the most important thing to do while packing. But, if you do not have a nursery room in the new home, you can read about tips on how to turn your guest room into a nursery in no time.

Things you should have on your mind while moving with a baby

Parents usually think all about their newborns. But when it comes to moving, there are a lot of things that you need to have on your mind, besides your baby. To start, it will make it a lot easier if you have a good company that will provide you with all the services that you need. So consider renting plastic bins for moving in order to make your job easier. It is important to label all the boxes with the baby stuff so you can easily locate them when there are a lot of things to unpack.The planning of the moving is a big job and it takes a lot of time so you need to be all in. In order to not neglect your newborn, think about the green moving supplies the company can provide you. You will not only be packed by the professionals but you will also have more time with the newborn and their needs.

Baby stuff on the crib

Pack your nursery room last when you are moving to NYC with a newborn.Moving to NYC with a newborn is quite a task and it demands a lot of effort. And like the rest of the family, the baby will feel all the stress and anxiety if there is any. So try to reduce all of the stress. Leave your kid with the grandparents or someone else who can watch it and get to the job. Make your new baby's room filled with the new memories and emotions that you had during the move and after you move. Get ready for the new part of your life and try to enjoy it.