Dec 1, 2023

NYC downsizing guide

NYC downsizing guide

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So, you have decided to downsize your current NYC home and move to a smaller space. There are several reasons why people come to this kind of decision. Possibly you are moving into a place of your own. Or perhaps you realized that your pocket can't keep up with the costs of your current living space. Additionally, there is a trend nowadays that centers around minimalism and such a way of life. Whatever the reason may be, your next step is to start decluttering and look into green moving supplies. Keep on reading to fully take advantage of this NYC downsizing guide.

Two steps that are key to an NYC downsizing guide

The downsizing process consists of two phases. Firstly, it is vital to declutter and sort out things that you plan on bringing to your new home and those that you no longer need. This might take a considerable amount of time if you do not clean out your house regularly. Secondly, it is important to properly pack up all the furniture and possessions for a safe transportation. You don't want your things suffering any damage and therefore should look into plastic moving bins NYC has to offer.

Declutter your way to downsizing

Just how many things do we keep in our homes at all times that we never use and that just serve as a waste of space? When downsizing, it is inevitable to get rid of such objects. It is a great idea to observe for a couple of days which possessions are being used regularly and then start sorting out the rest. The best way to sort your things i to rent moving bins NYC. You do not have to simply throw away the things you decide on getting rid of. You can give out stuff to friends or family or research local charities or second-hand stores in NYC. In that way, you can donate your things or even make money by giving them away.

A cluttered home

Read our NYC downsizing guide and see why decluttering is important

Proper packing

Now that you have successfully cleared out your no longer needed belongings, it is time to start packing up! One of the options that is eco-friendly and responsible, as well as affordable is using plastic boxes. It is up to you if you want to buy them and re-use later or look into options for storage bin rentals in NYC. Using cardboard boxes is inferior to using plastic boxes as fragile objects can get damaged easily if not stored properly. What is more, you can also get storage bins for any type of furniture that you want safely moved.

moving supplies

Choosing safe and eco-friendly moving supplies is always the right choice

A successful downsizing in NYC

Finally, if you ever lose sight of your goal, the best solution to that is to keep check-lists. If at any moment the decluttering phase seems too overwhelming, you can go room by room and sort out smaller portions of your things daily. Just keep track of when the moving day is arriving and you should be done in no time. If you follow our NYC downsizing guide, this process should run smoothly and you will be enjoying your new, more functional apartment in New York City very soon!