Dec 1, 2023

Organizing a yard sale before moving

Organizing a yard sale before moving

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One thing is true about moving - it is the perfect opportunity to remove all the things you no longer want or need. Instead of what you would usually do, and that is simply trash, recycle, or donate those items, you could host a pre-move yard/garage sale. Organizing a yard sale before moving is an excellent way to both get rid of things and make a couple of extra bucks. Read this guide by Capital City Bins to learn all the benefits of holding a garage sale before your upcoming relocation. You could even put the money you earn towards covering your moving expenses

Benefits of organizing a yard sale before the move

The less stuff you have to put on the moving vehicle, the lighter the truckload will be. The main advantage of decluttering is that your move will be cheaper. Additionally, you’ll spend a lot less time packing and unpacking household goods that you don’t have much use for anyway. However, in case you have a sentimental bond with the items, put them in our reusable moving totes and wait for our movers to arrive. Still, if you decide you cannot move them, and opt for selling them, wouldn't it feel much better to see them going to a good owner than just getting rid of them? Organizing a successful yard sale before moving takes a bit more work than simply arranging your things on your front lawn and putting up a sign. If you want to sell the most items you can and for the best price possible, follow these tips for doing your garage sale properly.

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Even the tiniest of details can draw more people in. Sell drinks, snacks, and/or baked goods along with your possessions.

Choose the right time and date

Be smart about the date and time you choose for organizing your yard sale before you move. Yard sales are best on weekends, preferably Saturdays. Generally speaking, spring is commonly the ideal time for hosting a garage sale. The warm, mild, beautiful weather is the main factor in this since people are eager to be outside. You should avoid hosting a sale on a holiday. Also, avoid the days when something hugely important is going on in your town, like a major sporting event. As far as timing goes, our experts advise you to start in the morning and take advantage of the whole afternoon. Just be prepared for any early birds who like to show up a little bit before the set start time.

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A pre-move yard sale is a fun way to declutter your home of surplus things and earn some extra money. Just don't let it stress you out.

Verify with local authorities if everything is in order

Don't worry, we don't think you are going to encounter any trouble hosting a yardsale. Still, just to be safe, we advise you to contact your local city hall and inquire about whether you need a permit. Sometimes there are rules and regulations that people are not aware of. Do this about three or four weeks before moving day, so that if you do have to make any special preparations, you have time to plan for it.Also, create an inventory of the items you’re selling. We suggest you start organizing and putting your belongings in our highly practical plastic bins for moving. This way, you will be ready for you when it’s time to set up. A proper checklist will help you track your inventory. You will know exactly what you are going to sell, and will also come in handy on the day itself. Especially when someone asks if you’re offering a certain thing.

Get creative with your advertising and set fair prices

A sign on the side of the road is the most common way to advertise a yard sale. However, be aware that it is not necessarily the most effective. We suggest you expand your marketing efforts on social media because that way you’ll have a bigger reach. People also opt for printing off flyers and asking local businesses to post them in their windows. The more you can get the word about your garage/yard sale out, the more likely you are to attract real buyers. Instead of a bunch of by-passers. It is a smart trick to list a few details about what kinds of items you’ll be selling so that masses know what to expect.One of the main objectives of a pre-move sale is to make money, but if you set your prices too high, you’re going to have fewer buyers. Remember, people go to yard sales expecting a good deal. If you own an item that you think is worth more than you can sell it for at a yard sale, you should take it to a consignment shop instead. If you can't check out a couple of yard sales in your neighborhood to compare their prices, just take a good guess – $1 for a book or record, $2 for clothes, $3 for kitchenware, and so on.

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We all know the expression that someone's trash is another person’s treasure. Don't take your items for granted!

Offering bulk deals is a good marketing trick when organizing a yard sale

Pricing deals will help you sell more items. Plus, it may encourage someone to buy who may otherwise be indecisive. For example, if you’re selling books at $1, you should offer two for $1.50, or three for $2. You can also set up surprise grab-bags, where the customer buys them at a set price and only later finds out what’s in them.Ideally, buyers will offer to pay you the price that you set for an item. But there are a lot of people who love a good deal and they will try to haggle with you. These types of buyers enjoy getting an even better deal if they can. If you’ve got an interested buyer, but they don’t want to pay full price, there is no harm in dropping it down. After all, you are moving with us soon, so you don't have much time. You don't have to accept the price they’re offering, though if it’s fair, why not? Contact us if you have any questions before our movers arrive to take what's left of your belongings after your yard sale to your new home! Good luck with organizing a yard sale!