Dec 1, 2023

Packing alternatives you have at your home

Packing alternatives you have at your home

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Part of the planning of any move is the question of how many moving boxes you need. This is an important matter because too many boxes can cost a lot of money. But you don't necessarily have to buy or rent boxes. Rather, there are some packing alternatives you have at your home. Especially practical: the alternative packing materials do not cost any extra money. Capital City Bins will share some ideas for packing alternatives that can make your move cheaper and easier. Get in touch with us today and find out everything you need to know about packing and packing supplies that you need for your relocation.

Vacuum bags are great packing alternatives you have at your home

Vacuum bags are great for packing bulky, soft goods like bedding (pillows, comforters, blankets, etc.) and winter clothing (jackets, coats, sweaters, etc.) that would otherwise take up too much space. Simply place several of these items in a large vacuum bag and suck the air out of the bag. You can pack your soft, bulky items efficiently in a few vacuum bags instead of several large cardboard boxes.

Packing alternatives you have at your home

Vacuum bags are great packing alternatives you have at your home.

Cover clothes with garbage bags instead of packing them in boxes

Why take clothes out of your closet piece by piece, fold them and pack them in boxes when it's much easier? Just cover all the hanging clothes with garbage bags, tie them at the top of the hangers, and you're done. Now you can just take the clothes out of the closet, put them in the moving truck, and quickly hang them back in the closet in the new home. If you want a more eco-friendly solution you can always choose plastic moving bins.

Use backpacks, handbags, and similar as packing alternatives you have at your home

Backpacks, sports bags, and handbags often move into the new home empty. Sometimes they are even packed into moving boxes and take up unnecessary space. Use bags rather for the move and transport in it laundry, clothes, and co. in your new home. Laundry baskets, garbage bags, and trash bags are also good for packing your belongings. Clothes, for example, you can put in a garbage bag. You can leave your clothes hanging on the hanger and put the bag over the hanger with the open end down. Now make a small hole in the upper part of the garbage bag and put the hanger through.

Suitcase - packing alternatives you have at your home

Even fragile items like plates and figurines can be safely transported in structured suitcases. Suitcases are certainly the first choice when it comes to packing clothes for moving, but they can also be used to transport a variety of other household items - documents, books, office supplies, hobby materials, games, toys, shoes, bedding, kitchen utensils, small appliances and electronics, and more.

Woman packing suitcase on bed

Most suitcases have pockets where you can organize and store easily items such as chargers, batteries, clothing and hair accessories, etc.

Packing books into suitcases

Books are usually the heaviest items you have to pack. It helps immensely when moving if you can roll them instead of carrying them. Therefore, use your suitcases with wheels for the books and save your backs when moving.

Packing dishes with the help of towels

The dishes need to be packed in the moving boxes, and so do the towels. So why not combine them and use the towels as stuffing material? This way you save packing paper, bubble wrap, and space in the boxes. Place plates vertically in the boxes. This reduces the risk of breakage. You can use the same principle for glasses and vases. Glasses are wonderful to wrap in socks. For extra protection, we recommend using newspapers, towels, or pieces of clothing between the jars as padding.

Wrap jewelry neatly

Do you have a lot of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets? Then you should pack this jewelry neatly. For valuable jewelry, you can use a jewelry bag (Jewelry Roll). But there are also some unusual tricks to pack jewelry. Did you know that you can avoid knots in necklaces by putting them in straws, for example? For longer necklaces, you can also use toilet paper rolls or chick paper rolls. Here are some other tips and tricks:

  • Kitchen foil is also great for wrapping jewelry. Put a piece of foil on the table, then put the jewelry on one-half of the foil, for example, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from a set. Now cover the jewelry with the other half of the foil and stroke the foil with the palm of your hand so that it is nicely sealed.
  • Another super trick to keep earrings that belong together: Put them through buttons. Always put a pair of earrings on a button.
  • Wrapping paper is also ideal for wrapping and protecting jewelry pieces separately from each other. Simply roll the individual pieces of jewelry in the paper and tape it closed. Finally, place the wrapped jewelry in the jewelry box and wrap it in packing paper and moving boxes as well.

Sorting moving boxes with colored tape

When moving you will need a few moving boxes no matter how many alternative packing materials you have at home. It helps the helpers if you label the moving boxes. Of course, you can always rent reusable moving boxes. This way, they can carry them to the right room in the new home right away. It is even more helpful if you sort the boxes by color. To do this, buy colorful tape and choose a color for each room in the new house. Then tape this to the moving boxes and label them. In the new home, you can stick the same color tape to the doors of each room.

Woman writing down notes during while packing

By labeling everything, movers and helping friends can see at a glance which boxes belong in which room.Therefore give us a call and you will see how your move can be easily done with packing alternatives you have at your home. Packing can be a fun experience and it does not have to cause you any stress when you know the right way to do it.