Dec 1, 2023

Packing and unpacking hacks for students

Packing and unpacking hacks for students

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You no longer need to worry about the challenging tasks when it comes to packing and organizing your moving process. With our premium plastic moving bins and green storage bins, this is no longer a concern.

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When you hear the word "move", most people first think of stress. In addition to packing boxes, organizing moving trucks and helpers, and setting up furniture, you also have to inform the authorities about your move. Even the greatest thinker of the future knowledge elite has to lend a helping hand. For example, when they have to move to another university or start a new job in another city. Capital City Bins have summarized a few packing and unpacking hacks for students to help you organize your move in a relaxed manner.

Do it yourself - Packing and unpacking hacks for students

Most of the prospective academics are, at least most of the time, still quite young. Accordingly, the motto for moving is: pack, pack and pack away as much as possible yourself. That way, you can save on expensive paid movers later on, or make the work easier for your friends. Already with the stowage one can save strongly. For example, moving boxes do not have to be bought new in the hardware store. You can rent plastic moving boxes instead. Alternatively, you can sometimes get used boxes from moving companies, which are a lot cheaper. You can also save money by renting a moving car. Here, everyone should take a close look at the car rental companies in their city or in the vicinity and compare them with each other. Some even offer special rates for students.

Packing and unpacking hacks for students

You can find ways to save when moving in the way you pack by choosing cheap moving supplies.

Pack moving boxes correctly

In time, it is also time to pack boxes. But before you buy expensive moving boxes, it's best to ask your friends and acquaintances if anyone still has boxes in the basement that you can borrow for your move. . When packing, the first thing to do is pack all the things you won't need until moving day, such as (seasonal) winter items, unused dishes, decorations, or books. Wrap dishes, glasses, and other easily broken items in packing paper and stow them in a box marked "Caution Glass" or something similar. Label all boxes with their future destination (kitchen, bedroom, etc.) so your movers know exactly where to place which box on moving day. Then, just before the move, pack the rest of your belongings so that everything is ready on the big day.

Prepare a schedule on the day of the move

Nothing is worse than a disorganized move. It's best to have a plan and order your movers to your old apartment early and instruct them. Furthermore, you think about the catering. Coordinate the storage and removal of your belongings. Make sure that everything gets to its rightful place in the apartment. Food is especially important to your team. It boosts morale and strengthens the team in case a lot of heavy items need to be put away. Also, the famous crate of beer at the end of a move is a desirable refreshment after the hard work. Remember schedule can really help you with the whole relocation and even planning your packing and unpacking.

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Packing and unpacking hacks for students - make a schedule!

After the move - unpacking hacks

Once in the apartment, first put up lights and then start putting things away. After that, set up important furniture like the bed and sofa. Everything else follows after that. Start by unpacking the most important box. That box should contain the things you need for the first few days. You can then organize and unpack your books. Therefore you have more time for your studies. When you have unpacked what you need in the first days and for studies, you can start unpacking the other boxes as well. You don't have to do everything at once and in one day, but don't leave the boxes spread around your apartment for months.

Settle in - packing and unpacking hacks for students

Even if mom and dad would be angry about it: Your own refrigerator in the new shared apartment, where there is already another refrigerator, is useless. Unnecessary belongings should therefore be sold before setting off for new shores, and this way you can also improve your moving budget. Once again, the Internet is a good place to sell unneeded belongings quickly and easily to their new owners. The eBay classifieds, for example, are very popular for this purpose. The internet is also a great resource to find everything you need to move such as moving supplies.

How to save money when moving as a student?

If you only get a quote from a local provider when you move as a student, the moving costs will quickly become unaffordable. After all, you have several options as a student to save money and invest in your new apartment. Attractive are the offers for an incidental load. This means that during a planned move, unused space in the van is loaded with another customer's moving goods. Especially with a small household, as students often have, moving companies make lucrative offers for the additional load. On top of that, you can save your money if you get cheap plastic bins for moving. Also, students who do not move on a fixed date save a lot of money by enclosing their household goods. Use the savings potential and find a moving company online and cheap moving supplies.

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You can save money while moving by purchasing affordable moving boxes.Moving is certainly not the most beautiful pastime, but it is worth the effort and you can look forward to your beautiful new home and a new life as a student. And of course, the housewarming party with all your friends, fellow students, and relocation helpers will be tempting. Get in touch with us today and make sure you get your affordable moving supplies and use our packing and unpacking hacks for students to make all of this much easier.