Dec 1, 2023

Packing collectible items - how to do it with ease

Packing collectible items - how to do it with ease

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We all live in a world full of stress. Stress at work, stress at home, stress everywhere. So it is natural for people to come up with ideas on how to reduce it and be able to function normally. Many people try various hobbies, some try sports for recreation but some people start collecting. There is a big list of what you can collect but the most important part is how to move it? How to make packing collectible items easy? There are many problems you could have while doing this so we would like to start explaining how to pack your collectibles for the move.

What are the most common collectibles?

There are some differences among people that live in the same country and especially between people that live in different countries. But all in all there are some similarities:

  • Currencies- When we talk about currencies, we definitely think about ones that are very old or that are replaced by a new one. Old currencies have a lot of value so we understand why do you want to collect them.
  • Dolls
  • Figures
  • Stamps
  • Baseball cards
  • Antiques

As you can see, there are many things you could collect. It can even be a frustrating job. But packing collectible items is a whole other area where you will need adequate moving supplies in order to move your collectibles or put them in the storage.

Packing supplies

Different collectible items require different moving supplies. But what is needed for all of them is moving boxes. They represent the core of the packing and the move so you can't do anything without them. We should be more environmental when we use them. The world is suffering so you should use eco-friendly moving boxes which will not make any damage.Other supplies that are often used are bubble wrapping papers, acid-free papers. The acid-free paper represents the best packing material when we talk about packing collectible items!

Packing collectible items - dolls, figures...

When we talk about the process of packing, it can be somewhat frustrating. Depending on what you collect, the key is to preserve it until you arrive at your new home. The good thing is that this stuff comes with their original boxes. You should definitely save them for this opportunity. Put your dolls into their original boxes. But this is not the end of the packing. You should them wrap with acid-free paper. It is absolutely the best packing material for this kind of packing. After that, wrap with bubble sheets. This will soften the blow that can occur during the move. And the final step of packing is putting soft materials on the bottom of the boxes because you want to prevent a collision.

Paper collectibles- currencies, baseball cards...

Packing these collectibles is a much easier job. We presume that you do not collect them and just put into a drawer. When collecting paper collectibles, you should have some kind of album or a catalog. This saves them from everyday damages. But in order to pack these collectible items, you should still think about doing whatever you can to preserve them. Wrap albums with collectibles in an acid-free paper and carefully put it in a moving box.

Always keep them in an album or catalog

Currencies are the most common collectibles

Packing fragile items

Fragile items are very delicate so you should have extra protection. We advise you to use more moving boxes, even if all of your fragile items can be put into several of them. It is not a problem to provide them since there are green box rentals where you can get your boxes for a reasonable price.Put old towels, covers and whatever you can find that is soft on the bottom of the boxes. After that, you should wrap your fragile items with acid-free papers and bubble wrapping material. This will somewhat protect them. But to be extra sure, you should fill the gaps there are between the items. That is the reason why these items break in the first place. During the move, boxes can shake make your items break. To fill the gaps you can use crumbled paper, styrofoam, etc.

Protect them properly to prevent breaking

Fragile collectibles deserve more consideration when packing!

Help from friends?

This can be a very troublesome topic. Only you know what is the value of your collectibles, both financial and emotional. So, it would not be that unreasonable for you to be a little anxious about someone else touching and packing collectible items, especially if they are fragile. We do not question the intentions of your friend but you should be careful. Even though they understand the value of your collectibles, they can never provide the best treatment. No matter how good they try to pack your stuff, will you be able not to think whether they have done a good job?

Hiring professional help?

Moving companies nowadays offer lots of services and one of them is packing. There are even subspecialties of packing special items. Packing collectible items certainly belongs in this category so you can always use this service. The key question is: do you trust your movers? We are all witnesses to many mistakes of movers over the years so we certainly understand your skepticism. We assure you that there is no need for you to worry. Before you hire movers, there is usually a contract to sign. When something bad happens, you are certainly protected and you will be compensated for your loss.

Packing collectible items are the specialty of moving companies

Try hiring the professional help for your collectible items


As you can see, packing collectible items is not that hard as you may initially think. There are not many packing supplies that you will use but the key thing is to do it right! All that is left you to do is to move and unpack once you get into your new home. But what to do with all that packing supplies? How to use your moving boxes after the move? Well, save them for your next move with possibly more collectibles for you to move!