Dec 1, 2023

Packing during holidays - get your supplies in time

Packing during holidays - get your supplies in time

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Finally, after a very hard year, the holidays arrived to bring happiness into people's lives. You can take a little break from all the bad news, and look for perfect gifts for your family. Holidays are all about spending time with your family, making cookies, and happy memories. Looking for moving supplies and packing doesn't really fit into the holiday picture. However, as you already have a moving date, you must also find time to finish your move. As you pack presents for your loved ones, you should also pack your home for the move. Packing during holidays doesn’t have to be a punishment. Nowadays, you can find ways to make packing a fun experience. Capital City Bins can help you with all doubts you might have involving information about packing.

What to do when you are packing during the holidays?

The first thing you need to do is to get the packing supplies. If you don’t know where to find them, the first destination for you will be the moving company or packing supplies company. They have all the moving supplies you need, including a better one like green storage bins. If you want a little less expensive version, you search cardboard boxes in local stores, other supplies on the internet, or friends and family. In winter, the weather is not on your side when it comes to moving. With frequent rains and snow, you will need to protect your belongings from wetness. In this case, cardboard boxes will not be the perfect solution for you. Instead of them, get the plastic moving boxes. You can find them in various sizes, such as small, medium, and large plastic moving boxes.

girl holding a box for packing during holidays

Get all the necessary packing supplies

What to do with holiday traditions and decorations?

Holidays would lose their charm without their traditions and decorations. Even if you are too busy with packing, you should try to maintain a normal routine for you and your family. This is important if you are moving with kids. Moving can be very stressful and, keeping somehow normal routine will help immensely. Holiday decorations can be a little tricky. To decorate a home in the middle of packing is not smart, but holidays without decorations are not real holidays. Keep in mind that decorations will only interfere with your packing, and it's best to pack them. You can keep a couple of Christmas ornament for the atmosphere while the rest of the decorations should be packed and labeled. This way, you can find them faster, so you can decorate your new home as soon as you come.

christmas ornament

Keep it simple when decorating your house for holidays

Timing is everything

Having a good packing plan and timing is very important when you are packing during holidays. Here are a few tips on what can you do for your budget.

  • Hiring movers - Even if winter months are not the busiest season for movers, they can still be busy as many people are on vacation. So, hire movers in advance and look to move on weekdays as they are less expensive.
  • Don’t host parties - Very logical, you don’t have enough time for packing and entertaining.
  • Start packing in advance - This way, you will have more time for holidays.