Dec 1, 2023

Packing materials you need to protect your valuables

Packing materials you need to protect your valuables

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Some items are much easier to pack than others. While you don't have to invest time and effort to protect your pillows and your mattress, the fragile items require much more attention. When it comes to packing materials you need to protect your valuables, your focus should be on quality and quantity. The more protective layers you put, the merrier. Still, you don't need too many different packing supplies, and this guide will show you which are the most important in order to pack your valuables safely.

The right boxes are the most important of packing materials you need to protect your valuables

Size does matter when it comes to packing your valuables. Small, yet fragile, valuables can get crushed if you just toss them with a large box with plenty of other items. Also, the larger items should comfortably fit into the box that is a bit larger than them.The most secure way to pack your valuables is to place them into their original packing. Since original packaging is specifically designed to keep items secure during the shipping, they are ideal when it comes to moving. Just put your items in them, and to make them more safely, wrap them into few layers of wrappings and tape them with duck tape. Then you can put them into moving boxes with other things.However, if you do not have the original packaging, be very careful when choosing moving boxes. Avoiding the old cardboard boxes is always recommendable. While the cardboard boxes are cheap and ideal for most of the household items, they aren't suitable for your fragile valuables. Especially the heavy ones, since the bottom can easily rip. You can make the bottom sturdier by wrapping it in the layers of duck tape, but it still isn't the safest option.The most secure way to protect your valuables is to pack them in plastic containers. Better yet, invest in the containers specialized for transport of valuables. Capital City Bins can help you with that if you contact them. Explain to them your conundrum and they will recommend the best packing materials you need to protect your valuables and how to use them properly.

Protective padding

When the box isn't full enough, there's a risk that your possessions will shift around during the transport and possibly break. To prevent that, you will need some protective padding and a lot of it.When you fill all the gaps in the moving box, it will stop your items from shifting. Keeping them in one place during transport is the best way to ensure their safety.The best protective padding:

  • Styrofoam padding
  • Polystyrene fillers
  • Plastic bubble-bursting pads
  • Packing peanuts
Packing peanuts - packing materials you need to protect your valuables

Packing peanuts provide great protection.These supplies provide excellent protection, but you can also use your household items as protective padding. Blankets, towels, cushions, wool clothes and clots are great for padding your moving boxes.Combined with other packing materials you need to protect your valuable, your soft household items can double as the protective packaging.

Cardboard dividers

No matter how you protect those valuable, crystal champagne glasses can suffer damages. If you put them into regular moving boxes, they can easily suffer damages during relocation. These objects are very fragile and break or chip very easy. Using the cardboard dividers or boxes that have partitions can prevent that.They are ideal for storing several fragile objects while giving each one room to breathe. It is a great investment, but if you don't have the room in your moving budget, you might find boxes with partitions for free at a grocery or liquor store.

Proper wrappings - the most important packing materials you need to protect your valuables

In order to protect your fragile valuables, you will need to wrap them tightly. In layers and layers of protective materials. The most effective wrapping is plastic wrap with bubbles. It is light, and durable, while the air bubbles preserve the integrity of your items and softening the blows.It is one of the most popular packing materials, but it isn't very suitable for the eco-friendly move. Sometimes is very hard to recycle packaging materials, and this wrapping is on the list of the hazardous materials for the environment. It's one of the main disadvantages of the bubble plastic wrap.If you really want to have a green relocation, use packing paper and paper tissues for wrapping your valuables. It won't provide the same level of protection as the plastic wrap with bubbles, but it will diminish the carbon footprint of your move. If you use many layers, in addition to the proper padding of the boxes, you can ensure the safety of your valuables.

Packing tissues

Paper tissues and packing paper are 100% recyclable.


Labeling will help you immensely when you are unpacking your items. Still, when you have fragile items and valuables, proper labeling will keep them safer. When you write "FRAGILE" with capital letters on the moving box, your movers will know that those items require extra attention.Always inform your movers what boxes are containing breakables, so that they can move them safely.

Label for fragile objects

You can also use pre-made labels.

How to pack your breakable valuables properly?

  • Gather all necessary packing materials
  • Fill the bottom of the moving box with protective padding
  • Wrap the valuable item into the layers of protective wrapping
  • Place the wrapped item into the padded moving box
  • Fill all the gaps and empty spaces between the box and the items
  • Place the padding over the item
  • Close the box
  • Seal it properly with plenty of packing or duck tape
  • Label boxes with breakable valuables with the big writing that says: "FRAGILE"