Dec 1, 2023

Packing tips for last minute move

Packing tips for last minute move

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Imagine getting a job transfer and being told you have to move across the country by the beginning of next week. Even though the new job could be something you've dreamed about for a long time, the stress of moving on such short notice could make the whole experience turn sour. And you already know that the biggest items on your moving to-do list will be the careful packing of all of your belongings. Not only will you have to find cardboard or reusable plastic moving boxes (depending on your preferences) but you'll also have to secure all of your belongings and place them inside your moving container of choice. Yes, it can get rather complicated. But it doesn't have to be - not with our packing tips for last minute move. Make sure you take notes!

Make a list and don't rush - there's still enough time

Telling you not to rush things when you know you have a pile of things to do in a matter of a couple of days seems ridiculous. But rushing things is always a sure way to forget something or make a cardinal mistake. In this instance, a cardinal mistake would be forgetting to wrap your plates in protective packaging. Or forgetting about moving bin rental altogether and being caught without enough moving boxes on a moving day. Luckily, all of this can be avoided by making a packing list, or otherwise known as a to-do list.

Making a checklist - one of the best packing tips for last minute move.

A checklist is a great way to keep track of things and not forget anything.Sit with your moving companions and write down all the things you have to pack. You can even separate the items by categories and mark them as fragile, robust, antique, etc. This will give you an image of what type of packing supplies you need, as well as about their quantity. Our sincere recommendation is to always buy a few moving boxes above the number you think you'll need. You can easily sell them if you don't use them, but you will be in quite a pickle if the day of your move comes and you just then realize you need extra moving boxes.

In case the unpredictable does happen, use trash bags instead of moving boxes

Well, it's not the most glamorous solution but it certainly does the trick. If you notice that you are running out of moving boxes and you don't have enough time to go out and buy more moving supplies in NYC, you'll have to be resourceful. Using trash bags for packing clothes is a trick as old as time. But be careful - trash bags won't work with heavy items. Not only will they easily tear through the trash bag, but they can also get damaged once that happens. And the whole point of our packing tips for last minute move is to avoid this scenario.

Leaving your clothes on hangers is one of the best packing tips for last minute move we have to distribute

In a normal situation, when you have weeks to pack all of your items, we would certainly recommend you neatly fold all of your clothing items inside high-quality moving bins. That will make it easier for you to use them when you arrive at the new home. However, when you are pressed for time, you don't have the luxury of thinking about the days after your relocation. You are just thinking about how to best survive the ones leading to it.

Clothes rack in a store.

Want something that doesn't make a mess but is a time-saver? Leave your clothes on the hangers.And one of the best ways to do that is by leaving your clothes on hangers and laying them flat. This trick won't create any mess and it can't harm your items in any way, but it can save you a lot of time. Perfect, isn't it?

Don't forget to pack your essentials bag

Packing an essentials bag might seem like a huge waste of time when you are packing for a last minute move. After all, you have to separate a lot of items and put them in one bag or box that is designated to help you survive those first few hours in the new home. But that's exactly what it will do - it will save you from hours of rummaging through dozens of moving boxes just to find your toothbrush. Do you still think it's a waste of time? We thought so! So, which items deserve to be in your essentials moving bag?

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • A clean set of clothes and underwear for each family member
  • Clean sheets
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Hygiene products and basic toiletries
Dental hygiene kit.

Any item you can't live a day without deserves to be placed inside your essentials bag.The only correct answer, however, is that your essentials bag can contain all those items you think you will need. If you think that your kids will be bored, then don't forget to pack toys in this bag/box. Do you think you'll want to surf the web? Make sure your chargers are next to you!

Declutter as much as possible - it's one of those packing tips for last minute move no one will be happy about

Now, we completely understand that you probably won't have enough time to do full-on spring cleaning and decluttering. Regardless, there are still plenty of things that needn't be packed during relocation. Like old and run-down furniture. Or the clothes no one from your family can fit into anymore. Not only will you waste your time packing them, but you'll also waste money transporting them. And that's a combination no one needs.So, as soon as you have some free time, go from one room to another and see which items could be replaced. We are sure you'll find at least two or three larger items that will be more expensive to relocate than replace. Now, all you'll have to do is arrange for their pick-up. But getting rid of stuff before your move is one of the best packing tips for last minute move we have to give you. In fact, it's one of the best tips for any type of move you'll ever find. So, don't skip this step, even if it might seem like an unnecessary one at the moment. It isn't.