Dec 1, 2023

Packing your electronics for relocation

Packing your electronics for relocation

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You decided on moving and it is time to organize the whole deal. One of the steps along the way is the boring packing process. Some items are extremely easy to pack, and you won’t even sweat. Others require hours and hours of preparation. So, you must focus on your fragile and delicate pieces, as well as electronics and appliances. Therefore, today we will help you and assist with packing your electronics for relocation. Let’s secure everything nicely and make it ready for the moving day.

Prepare your electronics the right way

Packing your electronics for relocation begins with a thorough inspection. You must figure out and locate all pieces that fall into this category. The very first step is to take a picture of the state your unit is in. This will help you put back everything as it was before the move much easier. And this is especially helpful when packing your desktop PC, a stereo system, and similar equipment. Then, you should remove the power source before you do anything else. Secure the perimeter and remove chances for unfortunate events.

Blue and white cables

Take a picture before you de-attach anything. It will make your life easier later on.The next step is to de-attach all the cords, screws, plastic or metal pieces, batteries, and place them in a smaller box or a bag. This way you won’t lose anything along the way. Tape the bag to the unit or place it inside one of the components related to it. Or place it inside the box next to the unit so you can find it easily when you begin unpacking. And remember, while taking pictures and inspecting all your items, you should realize how many boxes you need for moving and calculate the budget for this occasion. Whether you are renting or buying moving supplies, you must have this information upfront.

Backing up your data

Now, whether you are moving a PC, tablet, phone, or something else, you want to make sure that all digital data is safe. Therefore, do a backup on an external hard drive or store your information on a virtual drive. Storing your data online is safe, lucrative, and easy nowadays. But you figure out what is the best course of action here. Just be sure to store everything on a flash drive or a hard drive and always keep a copy with you. Do not pack your data with other stuff because it can get damaged in transport and you’ll lose it all. Avoid such an unpleasant event by adequately backing everything up.

Make a backup before you start packing your electronics for relocation

Create a backup by using a flash or a hard drive. Ensure you avoid a disaster.

Packing materials required when packing your electronics for relocation

There are many packing materials out there, but you should focus only on those that will protect your electronics in the best way possible. Those are the moving boxes and blister packs. Let us cover the box first. You can decide on using the regular cardboard moving box if you’ll secure the insides adequately. But this makes your cargo fragile looking from the outside. So, we would suggest using large plastic moving boxes for this occasion. Hopefully, you won’t have such an event where a sturdy plastic box won’t protect your equipment. But keep in mind that a plastic box or a container would be the best solution for the journey ahead. You can purchase or rent them easily online from one of the packing supply providers.Keep in mind that you should use the original package if you still have it. Those boxes are designed to hold the unit in question and keep it safe in transport. But most of us throw them away eventually because they take a lot of space needlessly. Ok, now let’s explain how to secure your items inside. As we already mentioned, the blister pack is the absolute winner when it comes to the cushiony environment. You can wrap each piece individually and forget about it. And you can use it to fill the gaps between the items as well. Simply, the best solution for this occasion.

Packing your electronics for relocation 101

Now let us begin our packing process and go through each phase step by step. Consider the following:

  • Make the foundation – Place the blister pack on the bottom of your moving box to make a soft foundation. You can use blankets, shirts, sheets, or anything else you already have at home.
  • Wrap pieces individually – Wrapping pieces individually is a good way of protecting them against bumps and bruising. Use bubble wrap for this occasion as well.
  • Tuck everything nicely – Fill the gaps between items using either blister pack or crumpled packing paper.
  • Stacking – If you intend on packing several items in one box, always aim to put the heavier ones on the bottom while keeping smaller and lighter ones on the top.
  • Close the box – Once your box is full you should place another layer of cushiony protection on the top and close the box. Apply a few layers of packing tape and you are done.
  • Label it – Packing your electronics for relocation is almost over. Now just place a “FRAGILE” sign on your box and label it with the content inside.

Labeling is important

Labeling each box is smart for a few reasons. You will raise the awareness of the content of the box and your movers will carry it more carefully. And you will have an easier time when unpacking. You will know exactly where your boxes are and what they hold. Moreover, you can inspect the cargo that just arrived much easily and reassuring yourself that everything is there. So, make the labeling system suited for you and stick to it. You can match numbers, colors, or shapes, on boxes and cross-reference them with your inventory list. Keep in mind that labeling systems should be used when moving as well as storing. If you decide on storing some of your equipment and furniture, make sure you are using green storage bins for the occasion. A storage bin designed to hold your precious items stored indefinitely is exactly what you need.

A flash driver attached to a label.

Use any labeling system you find most appealing. As long as your box is labeled, you are good.But if you decide on storing your electronics, you must make sure that the environment is safe. You should keep your storage free from mold, humidity, rodents, pests, and everything else that can endanger your precious cargo. Although, if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, you won’t have to think for a second.

Be careful when loading the moving truck

If you are packing yourself, you must know how to load a moving truck as well. Your boxes filled with electronics, appliances, and other fragile items must be tucked in and safe inside the truck. You should find a place with the lowest chance of moving mishaps. The best thing would be to ask your movers about it. They will probably do this part instead. After all, they know the vehicle, the road ahead, and possess previous moving experience.As you see, packing your electronics for relocation is not so hard. It can be complicated because requires a lot of patience and a steady hand. But now you know all the little details you must pay attention to and you will cover it all nicely. Just remember to get professional supplies. Stay safe and we wish you a successful journey.