Dec 1, 2023

Packing your glassware for storage

Packing your glassware for storage

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The last thing you want after a move is the added stress of cleaning up glass and having to buy new items. In order to ensure that your glassware arrives in one piece to your new home, it needs to be stored properly. The first thing in storing glassware is packing it securely. Luckily, packing your glassware for storage is not too difficult, if you know how. All you need is some good moving storage bins, a bit of elbow grease, and a bit of knowledge. We’ll explain how to pack your items properly, while it’s up to you to take care of the rest.

Preparing for packing

The first thing you need to do is give yourself enough time to deal with everything. If you are forced to do a rushed job, there’s a higher chance of your items getting damaged. Your first step should be to de-clutter. You probably have some broken or old glassware that you don’t use, so now is the perfect time to throw it away. Next, you need to wash your glassware before packing and leave it for about a day to dry. Otherwise, the glassware could get moldy and it will be extremely hard to remove it. Once you are finished, make an inventory list of your items. That way, you will know that you haven’t missed anything and it will make unpacking easier.

Two glasses filled with wine.

Before you start packing your glassware for storage, throw away the stuff you don't need.

Buying the proper supplies

Packing your glassware for storage safely is not possible without the proper supplies. You will need strong packing boxes, some duct tape, bubble wrap, and filling. You can also use some other household items, like a towel or some cloth. Even old clothes will do. While you may get away with using old shoe boxes for packing glassware without anything breaking, it’s not the smartest move. Packing boxes aren’t expensive, so investing in some cheap plastic bins for moving won’t stress your budget. This is especially important if you think your items will stay in storage for a long time.

Packing your glassware for storage the safe way

The packing process itself is not that complicated. First, take a rough measure of the plastic packing boxes for moving that you have. The goal is to not leave a lot of space so that the glassware can’t jumble around. First, wrap each item in bubble wrap. Then, place a towel or some cloth at the bottom of the box for added security. Once you have done that, start placing the items inside the box. Don’t stack very fragile items, like wine glasses, on top of one another. You can do this with sturdier items. Once you placed the items inside, stuff the box with filling (packing peanuts or paper, or even old clothes). Then, simply secure the box with duct tape and you are good to go.

Packing your glassware for storage.

Make sure you do not leave a lot of empty space in your boxes.

Storing your glassware

Once you are done packing your glassware for storage, you need to place it inside your container, too. However, before you do that, label the boxes. If you bought some eco moving boxes and want to reuse them, don’t use a marker for labeling. If you know what each box contains, it will be much easier to unpack or even just find a few of the items you need at the moment. Here’s the most important tip for storing glassware – don’t put anything heavy on top of the boxes. Fragile items always go on top in your unit, never on the bottom. That’s all there is to it. If you follow these steps, your glassware will leave storage in one piece.