Dec 1, 2023

Packing your holiday cookware for storage

Packing your holiday cookware for storage

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The holidays are finally here. You can almost smell the wonderful scent coming from the kitchen. This is all accompanied by giggling and happy chattering. One part of the family is in charge of setting the table and, others of making a holiday dinner. As this is not just an ordinary dinner, the special holiday cookware is making its annual appearance. Rarely the year passes without you obtaining another cookware either by presents or purchase. As this cookware is used on special occasions, they should be stored properly so they won't get damaged. Packing your holiday cookware might not be the most fun part of the holiday, but it shouldn’t be rushed or skipped. If you need storage materials, the Capital City Bins is here for you.

What is the first step in packing your holiday cookware for storage?

Before putting anything into the storage, items should be properly cleaned. This also applies to holiday cookware. It would be best if you wash them twice. First, in the dishwasher, and then one more time manually. Make sure they are sparkly clean and have no food remains on them. It's important to wash holiday cookware properly, as the leftovers of the food can attract bugs into your storage. The next step is to separate your cookware by type. You can't put delicate chinaware with pots and pans. They would get damage and in the worst-case scenario totally broken. For separating cookware, you can use green storage bins. They will act as temporary storage units for your cookware. After dinner, accidents can easily happen. You can be sure nothing will happen to your more delicate cookware in these green bins.

person washing a fork

You need to wash your cookware before packing

The next step is to find proper storage materials

When you are looking to pack delicate items like chinaware, cardboard boxes are not the solution for you. You need to find something more durable that gives better protection. In this case, you should get plastic moving boxes. As you can find them in different sizes, it's not easy to know how many boxes you will need. The sizes are the following.

  • Small plastic moving boxes
  • Medium plastic moving boxes
  • Large plastic moving boxes

When you pack more delicate cookware, you should stick with small or medium plastic moving boxes. Use towels or newspaper to achieve maximum cushioning and minimum movement. You can use the large plastic moving boxes for stacking up original boxes of your cookware.

pots on the counter

Find appropriate boxes for your cookware

Where to keep your cookware until next use?

Pots and pans are not easy to pack because of their shape, size, and, multiple handles. The good side is that they are made of metal and other durable materials. So, the best way is to wrap them in towels or packing materials and put them in large boxes with packing material between them. Packing your holiday cookware perfectly is not enough if you don’t find the appropriate space for storage. Attics and basements are not ideal for more delicate cookware, as they don’t offer protection from moisture, heat, or cold. The best option is to rent a storage unit with a climate-controlled environment.