Dec 1, 2023

Packing your pantry 101

Packing your pantry 101

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You no longer need to worry about the challenging tasks when it comes to packing and organizing your moving process. With our premium plastic moving bins and green storage bins, this is no longer a concern.

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A move always demands a lot of work. Therefore, it is important to plan as far ahead as possible to avoid stress and hectic. When packing your pantry safely, there is no way around proper moving boxes. Not only are they easier to stack but they are particularly suitable for truck transport. Make sure not to pack your pantry too early. Categorize individual items from your pantry and prepare them carefully for transport.

When packing your pantry, everything begins with the right box

A good solution for packing your pantry is plastic bins. Older or more frequently used carton boxes you should not use. Because if they have got wet at some point, they are not quite as stable. When packing your pantry you don't want to risk anything. In order to pack moving boxes correctly, the boxes must first be suitable. Get enough packaging materials. The quality of the boxes is out of the question if you want to transport your pantry safely. Procuring packaging materials in good time has a positive effect on your money. So choosing eco-friendly moving boxes is a way to go.

Box with fragile items you will handle when packing your pantry.

Write the word "Fragile" on the box when packing your pantry so that your movers know what to do.

Packing and labeling the moving box correctly

When packing moving boxes, label each box in a clearly visible place. Information about the contents should not be missing. You will need plenty of wrapping paper for your fragile pantry items. It is better not to leave any empty spaces in the boxes so that your things arrive at their new location without damage. Capital City Bins will ensure the safe transportation of your pantry items.

Avoid broken glass

To ensure that fragile items remain whole even after the move, you should make sure that you have sufficient padding when packing the moving boxes. Make sure there is a soft layer on the bottom of the box by crumpling the packing paper or by rolling three layers of packing paper over each other and placing them in the box until the bottom of the box is no longer visible.

A man and a woman packing.

Pack your pantry items in plastic bags that can be closed and then wrap them in bubble wrap or paper.

Packing your pantry with the right materials

The items with the greatest weight should be packed into the moving boxes first. The lighter items should then be placed on top, also wrapped in packing paper. Try to fill in all the gaps. If you want to pack moving boxes properly, you should be careful with bottles that may leak during transport. Before you start packing, you will need the packing material. You need:

  • Moving boxes in different sizes.
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Adhesive tape
  • Packing paper
  • Moving labels, in case you do not want to write on the box.
  • Bubble wrap

Clean out before you move

Free yourself from the things you no longer need. For an easier move, declutter your pantry. To your friends, you can give away food with a close expiration date. Start sorting out as early as possible and plan ahead. Decluttering is the way to go. You will finish packing your pantry in no time at all. Good luck!