Dec 1, 2023

Packing your small appliances for relocation

Packing your small appliances for relocation

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Packing your small appliances properly when moving is a topic that many people often underestimate. However, it is important if you want to transport your appliances to the new house or apartment undamaged. Not only do the crystal glasses and grandma's china need to be made shatterproof for the change of residence, but also the delicate electronics of various household appliances need a little extra attention. Capital City Bins we'll give you a helpful guide on how to pack your small appliances and avoid moving damage.

How to pack your small appliances for relocation

First, determine what small appliances you have. Then you can make a list to make your task easier. Take into account devices that require special treatment when packing, for example, disassembly and if you have any questions, contact the manufacturer's specialists. It would be best if you have friends who have in-depth expertise and considerable technical skills. In addition, you can look at some useful tips and draw creative ideas. Once you figure it all out and count it, it will be easier for you to calculate how many boxes you need.

Packing your small appliances

Pack your small appliances properly to avoid damage during transport.

Original Packaging

If you keep the original packaging that contains your various electronic devices, then you have little to worry about. Original packaging is designed to provide the best possible protection for products leaving their manufacturing plants. You can be sure that such packaging will provide protection for your small electronics as you move to a new home. If you are not keeping these packages, then you will need to find other packing boxes that are large enough. You can find special electronics boxes that offer better protection (thicker cardboard and double walls) and come in different shapes and sizes. Also, you can look for cheap plastic bins for moving to transport your small appliances.

Preparation for packing your small appliances

In order to be able to pack the electrical appliances, they must first be disconnected from the power circuit. The long cables of the devices should now be made safe for transport, as loose cables are definitely a tripping hazard that can lead to serious injuries. We, therefore, advise you to wrap the cable well around any device and fix it at this point with tape. This prevents the cable from coming loose during transport, which increases the risk of accidents. Only by proper packaging can you avoid damage.

Woman holding big box

Preparing for packaging is an important step that you should not skip.

Wrap each piece of the device separately in paper or blanket

If you do not want to damage the device, pack individual parts separately. Cables, for example, should definitely be packed separately from the screen. In this way, you will provide better protection against scratching. To make sure that the device is well packed, always perform a shake test. If necessary, stuff empty spaces with filler and padding materials. Each small appliance usually comes with an instruction list that can help you with disassembly needs. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to do everything correctly during disassembly and assembly. If you can't find the manufacturer's instructions, try to find them on the Internet. You can also contact the appropriate service center for more information.

A little planning in advance helps

Planning the move is a big and tedious task. A little bit of time should go into planning the transportation route. This is not only important if you have to lug larger pieces of furniture to the moving truck, but also for your small appliances. Make sure that the hallway and the entire route from the apartment to the van are clear of any stumbling blocks or obstacles. Also in the apartment itself, there should be no half-packed moving boxes in the way from the kitchen to the door. Also, think about how many plastic moving boxes you need.

Packing your small appliances correctly

Packing your small appliance should not be difficult. If you have the necessary knowledge, everything will go smoothly. Boxes play a key role. If you have good boxes and packaging will not be a problem. Also, it's important to know that bubble wrap is your best choice when packing your electronics for moving. It creates an excellent cushioning effect against adverse factors during transport. Opt for an anti-static bubble wrap or even an anti-static membrane box to also avoid the potentially harmful effects of static electricity on your electronic devices. Also soft packing paper is a must when packing electronics for a move. It prevents dust from getting into the packed equipment while also serving as a cushion against outside elements.

Transport small appliances yourself or hire a moving company?

When planning to transport your small appliances, you have the option of hiring a moving company to do it for you. You can request a free quote. Once a moving expert contacts you ask about the cost of packing your small appliances. Depending on the amount of work and your wishes, they will provide you with a reasonable quote. In any case, the most important thing is good moving supplies. So even if you decide to move on your own, with the help of quality boxes, everything will go easier.

Couple passing carton box to each other while packing car

The most important thing during moving is quality moving boxes and moving supplies no matter if you move on your own or with a moving company.Good moving boxes can save you a lot of trouble and time. Focus on safety, as you do not have the experience. Do not risk your small appliances during transportation, as they are quite expensive, just reach for the right moving supplies. Packing your small appliances isn't that big of a deal with the right knowledge, and your belongings should make it to your new home easily and undamaged. Contact us and we can supply you with good moving boxes.