Dec 1, 2023

Planning your new office layout – simple guide

Planning your new office layout – simple guide

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People are spending at least 40 hours per week in the office. If its design is poor, it will reflect on the job performances. Workers are more motivated when they are spending so many of their time in a comfortable space. When you're moving to a new space it is important to have that in consideration. Planning your new office layout in a way that maximizes comfort and productivity isn't that hard. This guide will show you how to create a pleasant work environment for you and your employees.

Planning your new office layout will require a comprehensive plan

Before you start dreaming about buying everyone treadmill desks, first reconsider your budget. Moving to a new office will take its toll, so you have to be careful about your finances. While reusable plastic moving boxes can have a positive effect on your moving costs, it is just a drop in the big river of money that is running from your pockets. So sit down, look at your business numbers and make a budget for your new office layout.Next, you will have to determine who will be in charge of planning your new office layout. If your budget allows it, consider hiring an interior designer. It will be costly, but it will save you a lot of time. Also, if you are in creative business, use the artsy eye of your employees.Speaking about your employees, you have to consider the requirements of both them and the company. Arranging a staff meeting and asking your workers directly about their desires can help you to create a space where they will be glad to spend their time in.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable furniture

When you are moving your business to a new office, do a thorough check of your furniture and equipment. Using moving bin rental will cut some of the moving costs, but you will save much more by simply getting rid of the things that you don't want in your new office space. Not to mention a nice tax deduction if you donate them.Old and furniture of poor quality can cause health problems to your employees. Especially if their work entails sitting for a long time.Getting rid of such items and replacing them with ergonomic desk chairs is a great place to start-Look for chairs that feature:

  • Armrest variations
  • Swivel mechanisms
  • Height, width, and depth adjustments
  • Lumbar support
  • Padded material

Upgrading furniture or investing in more expensive items will be a blow to your budget on the outset. However, in the long run, it can prevent healthcare costs. Also, the work performances will be higher since there will be no need for often breaks due to uncomfortable seats.

Women reading a magazine in a office chair.

Comfortable office chairs are very important to the health of your employees.

Don't forget to consider technical requirements when planning your new office layout

Before you start to pack your office for relocation, set up a time to speak with your IT department or head of Engineering about the electrical outlets and power sources. Ask them how best to arrange the space so everyone can access the technology they need.Location of printers, storage for technology, proximity to outlets, wifi routers, space for projectors and screens are all the things to consider when planning your new office layout. In fact, those can affect your entire vision for the new office. Still, keep in mind that customization of the plan will be much easier and cheaper than to change the electrical grid for example.

Include your employees and let them choose

The situation in the workforce has changed in the last few years. To better, because employers are realizing that "everyone is replaceable" practice doesn't fly anymore. Sure, you can easily find someone to fill the empty workplace, but you will have to invest time and training. And do it all over again every few months because the working conditions aren't up to standards.Businesses that are thriving have one thing in common. They all treat their employees like the most valuable asset. In order to keep them, they are providing them the great working conditions.

Office -. Think about similar design when planning your new office layout

Creating a positive, comfortable and enjoyable office space is making a big difference in the worker's performance.Employees experience higher job satisfaction with they have the ability to setup up their own workspaces. Meaning that including the suggestions of your workers when planning your new office layout will be very beneficial. Let them arrange the furniture in their offices or workspaces as they see fit. Or even better - let them order the type of furniture they want.Surely, you will have to set a budget that they have to respect. Still, they will truly feel like a valuable part of the company when you take their desires into consideration.Also, when they take over planning your new office layout, you will have time to find more eco-friendly packing alternatives for your upcoming move and organize all the pesky task that commercial relocation entails.

When planning your new office layout make sure to incorporate space just for relaxing

Your employees aren't robots that will sit in front of the computer full work time. They have to eat, drink coffee, chat and brainstorm with their colleagues. When they have a relaxing space in the office for that, they won't have the need to go outside and take longer brakes.It should be a chilled space, without any computers or work-related items. It can be a communal comfortable dining area or a place with bean bags and video games. Depending on the type of your business and the size of the office space, it is up to you to create this relaxing haven.

Relaxing space within the office

It can be in any shape or size that allows your employees to feel more comfortable, express themselves, unwind, and collaborate better with their colleagues.

Be careful with the decor

Nothing is worse than the white, bland office space with no decoration to give it character. While the white walls are always the easiest solution, they don't spike the creative juices. However, they do make space to appear bigger, but they do require some embellishment.Including some office plants, artwork, inspirational quotes, and company branding will make a lot of difference. Look for office decor ideas that will inspire our team’s best work.When planning your new office layout, think about the clean look with edgy details. If you like colors, stick to those on the neutral pallet. Screaming red, pink, violet, yellow doesn't have a place on your office wall. Light green, on the other hand, is quite soothing and energetic color that can brighten the wooden, black or white furniture.