Dec 1, 2023

Post-holiday cleanup tips

Post-holiday cleanup tips

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Holidays are great times. Everyone has a lot of fun, the house is decorated in a festive fashion, it is all really cool. However, once everything is over, you are going to need to clean it all up. If you want to make this easier on yourself, the best thing to do is to pack your decorations into transparent bins. You can acquire these from Capital City Bins, at an affordable rate. There are several other great solutions, which we are going to cover in this article. We are going to provide you with six of our top post-holiday cleanup tips, so you can have the easiest time possible.

Top 6 post-holiday cleanup tips

Without further ado, here are our tips for cleaning up after the holidays:

  • Get transparent containers for your holiday decorations
  • Buy ornament bins with dividers
  • Label every box
  • Get reels to wrap up your Christmas lights
  • Purge and donate ornament and decorations to charity
  • Clean the house thoroughly afterward

Of course, if you have any large decorations that you might need professional assistance with, don't hesitate to do so. Sometimes, you can't pack everything into moving storage bins, either. Try to always adapt to the situation at hand, if you can. But for the most part, the tips above will pull you through almost any situation.

Christmas ornament in a small wooden chest

Having your holiday decoration in plastic containers will make them easier to find.

Get transparent containers for your holiday decorations

The best way to pack your holiday decorations is to place them into transparent containers. You accumulate many decorations over the years, and will not want to get all of them out every time the holidays come. But you will want to easily find those that you do want to unpack. Therefore, using transparent bins, or even plastic moving totes, to pack your decorations is a great idea. You will be able to save a lot of time over the years, which will accumulate to something larger. Additionally, these plastic containers are a lot safer than their cardboard counterparts. They are much more resistant to humidity and will contain any leaks that might happen. They combine security and convenience.

Buy ornament bins with dividers

But if you have a large number of ornaments, you may want to choose a specialized solution. The best things for that job are ornament bins that come with their own dividers. Organizing your decorations within these bins is going to be a child's' play. You can acquire these when you are looking for moving supplies if you want to combine several tasks into one. These bins will serve you for a long time so you might as well try to get quality ones from the get-go. Of course, you can go with the budget variants as well. They will do a passable job but the premium ones will all but last you a lifetime. Consider your budget and act accordingly, that is always the best.

Post-holiday cleanup tips - label every box

If you are using standard boxes for your decorations, it is really important to label them properly. It is easy to find what you need in an ornament bin that utilizes dividers, but all the cardboard boxes look the same. However, if you apply proper labeling you will be able to figure out exactly what is inside the box. Now, the amount of information that your labels contain is totally up to you, but it is recommended to adopt a "mixed" approach. That means that you do not list every single item that is within the box. Nor do you simply write "ornaments". You will utilize a mix of the two and write down a category, perhaps a room, and the type of ornament. But the most important thing is that you can easily navigate through your own labels.

ornaments in a box

Labeling your ornament boxes will make finding them later a lot easier.

Get reels to wrap up your Christmas lights

Most people choose to utilize many Christmas lights for their decorations. These can easily tangle and create a mess if you allow them to. You can take your time and be careful when packing them, or you can acquire some cheap reels. Utilizing reels will make it so you spend less time handling the lights, and they will be easier and more convenient to store, as well. If you are unfamiliar with them, here is how Christmas lights reels look like. You can purchase them almost everywhere, Amazon is just one of the retailers. Reels will make packing a lot more enjoyable, as you will need to spend far less effort on handling the lights.

Purge and donate ornament and decorations to charity

Another great thing that you can do once you start your cleanup, is to donate some of your decorations to charity. There are many families that will love some of your unused decorations. Something that you might never use again can very well mean the world to another person. Therefore, always consider donating items that are in good condition. You can have some of the charities even come by your house and pick up the donations. This will make the whole process a lot more convenient for you. And you will be doing a good deed, as well.

Christmas lights and ornaments in a box

If you are not using some of your ornaments, why not donate them to charity?

Post-holiday cleaning tips - Clean the house thoroughly afterward

Lastly, once all of the ornaments are safely packed, you will want to clean your home thoroughly, as well. Holidays often bring a lot of crumbs everywhere, which can invite some unwanted attention. It is best to start cleaning as soon as the holidays are over. If you can't force yourself to undergo a big cleanup, try to break it into smaller tasks. For example, one day you can clean the kitchen and the living room while leaving the bedroom and the bathroom for the next day. Do what feels right for you and try not to procrastinate if you can. With these post-holiday cleanup tips, you will be good to go.