Dec 1, 2023

Pros and cons of DIY vs. professional unpacking service

Pros and cons of DIY vs. professional unpacking service

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When you are contemplating DIY vs. professional unpacking service, there are a lot of things to consider. Both of these options come with benefits, but also some downfalls. This guide will show you the cons and pros of DIY unpacking, as well as the ones that hiring professionals entail. By comparing them, you can make a decision that best suits your needs.

Pros and cons of the DIY unpacking process vs. professional unpacking service

DIY unpacking means that you will have to unpack all the moving boxes and make a layout in your new home all on your own. If you wish to rent moving bins NYC for your relocation, it will also be up to you to return them after unpacking.There are some perks, but also the serious downfalls of this lone-wolf action.


  • Strangers won't touch your stuff - Some people don't like when somebody else handles their stuff. Whether is the control issue or just something that makes them uncomfortable, it is quite understandable and common. In this case, DIY vs. professional unpacking service isn't even the question they are considering.
  • You can unpack on your own schedule - When you're unpacking on your own, you can arrange your time as you see fit. You can unpack all the boxes in one day, or one box a day. It provides a big flexibility and freedom to arrange your time.
  • The layout in your new home will be exactly as you want it - It can be difficult to explain your desires to unpacking crew. But, when you're unpacking on your own, you can change the furniture layout as you see fit.


  • The procrastination - While the flexibility to unpack on your own schedule is liberating, it often leads to procrastination. Without the stick self-discipline, this process can prolongate for months. It is important to stick to your unpacking plan, which can be difficult. When the everyday choirs drain your energy, it is likely that you will delay unpacking your boxes and plastic moving tubs for another day.
  • It will take a lot of your time - Even if you're sticking to your unpacking schedule, it will take you a lot more time to unpack. The professional unpackers have the training and experience to do it in a heart bit. Safely, quickly and efficiently.
  • Clutter in your home - Unpacking will leave a mess of moving boxes and packing materials. Professional unpacking crew will take care of them for you, but when you do it on your own, it's up to you to tidy the place up.
  • Hard choirs instead of exploring the city - Once you move to a new place, you will be trembling of excitement to explore all of its wonders. Since you have all those boxes to unpack, that will have to wait.

DIY unpacking is bond to be very messy.

Pros and cons of professional unpacking service

Professional unpacking service is rather self-explanatory. It entails experts coming to your home after a move, and unpacking all of your things instead of you. They will layout your items in the specific rooms and in order that you instruct them. The packers will also take away the used moving supplies and leave your home without the clutter. Still, while there are big benefits in hiring packers, there is also one big downside as well.


  • Lightning-fast - The professional packers know how to unpack your belongings swiftly and safely. Since they usually work on the fixed price and not by the hour, it is in their best interest to work fast so they can do more projects in one day.
  • No hassle - Besides instructing your packers where to place your items, you don't have to do anything. There's no even need to be there. After you welcome the pacers, you can start handling the post moving documentation, take for a walk or go for lunch in the restaurant. No heavy lifting or ripping the packing materials are in store for you when you hire experts.
  • Higher safety - If you are using the services of a reliable and reputable company, its employees are their biggest assets. Meaning they have extensive training and knowledge on how to handle household items with utmost care. Their experience is vouching that your things won't suffer damages after the move.
Women meditating on the lake shore

With unpackers on the job, you can take a step back and enjoy some relaxing activity.


The biggest and maybe the only con of hiring professional packers is the cost. There are many benefits of hiring professionals for your long-distance move, but their extra services cost more money. Unpacking is one of those additional services.Still, when you compare DIY vs. professional unpacking service in the form of stress, this extra expense might be worth it every penny. Since the relocation is a very stressful event, if you plan to unpack on your own, you will be only prolonging it.On the other hand, when you hire professional unpackers, your move is over once your things arrive at your new home. There will be no more hard tasks for you to handle since the experts will do it for you. You can finally relax, breath and start to feel excited about the new chapter in your life.

Money and calculator - Extra costs are a big things to consider when comparing DIY vs. professional unpacking service

You moving costs will be up, but your stress level will decrease drastically.

DIY vs. professional unpacking service - what's the verdict?

When all pros and cons of DIY vs. professional unpacking service are put in perspective, the verdict is clear. While it comes with extra cost, hiring expert packers brings much more benefits. Decreasing the stress levels is maybe the biggest one of all.Moving to a completely different city brings a lot of worries and fear. It is quite common to feel the mixture of excitement and crippling dread of such a huge change.On top of that, dealing with the hassle of DIY unpacking can really be overwhelming. It can even trigger the post-relocation depression, which is hard to get out of. Turning the fear into excitement isn't easy, but it is doable when you don't have the burden of heavy choirs lingering on your shoulders.So, in the battle of DIY vs. professional unpacking service, hiring packers takes the win. Mostly because it will make the whole moving process easier. And there's no reason for you to take a harder road in this matter. You should really do everything to make this transition less stressful, and this is a good way to do it.