Dec 1, 2023

Pros and Cons of Packing Moving Boxes Yourself

Pros and Cons of Packing Moving Boxes Yourself

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Packing is something that you can't avoid when moving. Still, you can delegate it to the professional packers and don't deal with these pesky tasks. So the main question is, should you be packing moving boxes yourself, or hire professionals to do it for you? When you take a look at some of the pros and cons of packing on your own, you may get an answer to this question.

Pros of packing moving boxes yourself

  • Lower costs - Packing on your own is undoubtedly a more cost-effective option than hiring packing service of the moving company. Those services aren't cheap and packing on your own will help you to save money while moving. Admittedly, hiring professional packers is a much more convenient option since you won't have to worry about packing supplies or the proper protection of your items.
  • Free packing supplies - When you're packing moving boxes yourself, you will have to get some packing supplies, but you there are creative ways to save some money on them. You may be able to find cheap moving bins or even free moving boxes. Also, you can use the things in your home for cushioning and padding. Such items include blankets, towels, linings, winter clothes, etc. That can be really convenient if you're moving on the tight budget.
  • The convenience of packing moving boxes yourself - When you're doing self-packing, you can be flexible with your time. You can make your own schedule that is more convenient to you. That way, you can stop packing when you have to go pick up your kids from school or if some emergency errand occurs. On the other hand, packers come in the scheduled time. If you have to get out of the house, you may not be comfortable leaving strangers alone in it.
  • You will have the full control - Letting go of control is something that some people struggle with. It happens that people hire packing services, and then hover over the packers as they pack their things. That's deflecting the whole point of hiring such assistance. If you're the type of controlling person, then maybe it's best to pack on your own.

Cons of packing moving boxes yourself

The risk of improper packing

There's a reason why moving companies are making a profit from the packing services. If that is such a trivial job, people won't make their carriers out of that. Packers with years of experience know exactly how to protect and pack your items in a way that will keep them safe during the transit. The knowledge that you're probably lacking. Even if you did your research and try to learn proper packing techniques, nothing can beat the experience of the professional packers.

Broken mirror - something that can happen when packing moving boxes yourself.

If you pack on your own, your things can be broken or damaged during the transport.

Packing moving boxes yourself is very time consuming

Packing is a big waste of your time. If you underestimate that and don't set enough time for packing, it can quickly turn into chaos. Since it's so time-consuming, it can affect the other moving tasks that you have to do. If you struggle with time management, to begin with, the packing will be so overwhelming. You will have to set the strict schedule and follow it through to the minute to pack everything. Which can be very overwhelming and cause you a lot of moving stress.

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When you're on the time crunch, hiring packing services is the wisest decision.

No liability

When you're packing moving boxes yourself, in case some of your items suffer damages, you won't have anybody to blame but yourself. Even if your using movers to transport your things, their liability only lies for your moving boxes.If the damages to your stuff happen due to improper packing, you won't get any settlement.Combining basic moving services with the packing services of some reliable moving company is the only way to ensure that your belongings will be safe during the relocation.

You will have to disassemble furniture on your own when packing moving boxes yourself

When professional packers are on the job, they don't only pack your things. They also disassemble and reassemble your furniture and then pack it properly. When you pack on your own, you will have to do that all by yourself. Even if you follow the manufacturer manual to the letter, you can cause significant damages to your items while disassembling them.


You will also need many different tools to dismantle your furniture.

Free supplies have low quality

The cheap packing supplies come with big risk to the safety of your things. While free, second-used moving boxes aren't safe, and they can be dirty or infested with critters that you can't spot. They aren't sturdy enough, and they can rip easily. In the end, utilizing free packing supplies at the end can cost you more if your stuff suffers damages because of their low quality. However, professional packers will come packed with most quality moving supplies and will pack all of your households instead of you.

How to chose between hiring packers and packing yourself?

Simple. You need to weigh the pros and cons of packing moving boxes yourself. If the disadvantages are more overwhelming to you than the pros, maybe you should start to consider hiring professionals for this task. If the pros are more compelling to you than start packing on your own.The good thing is that you can hire packers even in the middle of the packing. If packing on your own turns out to be more overwhelming than you thought, find some reliable packers and give them a call. That will increase your moving costs, but it's a cheap price to pay to decrease your stress level.