Dec 1, 2023

Renter-friendly home improvement ideas for NYC apartments

Renter-friendly home improvement ideas for NYC apartments

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Are you trying to renovate your apartment in New York? As much as it sounds easy, there are many things you should consider when doing such a thing. Everything from planning through gathering all essential tools all the way to the end - a much nicer apartment! If you follow are doing it step by step, chances of something going not as planned become very low! This might sound easy, but trust us, it can be an utterly exhausting and time-consuming process if not done the right way. Stick with us because we are going to talk about renter-friendly home improvement ideas in this article.

Making first steps

It is in human nature that we want everything right now. This is not how things go when trying to renovate your apartment. Firstly, you should think through why do you want to do it and how are you going to do it. The following step should be making a detailed plan of everything you would need as well as the timeline. People often tend to overlook this step of the entire process and as a consequence, they end up spending much more resources than was needed in the first place. If you are moving, the next step would be packing your belongings. There is a convenient way by renting plastic bins for moving. Finally, you should do a research on which moving company are you going to hire.

People packing and talking about renter-friendly home improvement ideas

Plastic bins are great when it comes to moving!

Renter-friendly home improvement ideas

Renting an apartment could be an amazing way for its owner to earn something extra on the side. In today's world, there are many applications that you can use to promote the apartment that you are planning to rent. That being said, people can see, comment, like, and share your information about your flat. Because of that, you want to keep your apartment in the best condition possible as well. People will appreciate it and you will have positive feedback which might result in the growth of your business! While doing this, we highly suggest using Capital City Bins since you can choose between moving or storage bins! Now, we are going to make a list and talk about some cheap or even DIY home improvement ideas for renters.

The list of renter-friendly home improvement ideas

  • Rearrange the rooms in the flat
  • Combine apartments
  • Repaint the walls
  • Renew the floors
  • Add kitchen appliances
  • Restore and replace
  • Think of the house decor
  • Make it a smart home
NYC building

There are many things you can do to make your flat more appealing so get on with some renter-friendly home improvement ideas

Rearranging the rooms in your apartment

When thinking of what can you make different in your current apartment, think of removing some of the separating walls. That way, you will get much more space that you will be able to rearrange based on your needs. For example, you can remove the wall that separates your kitchen from the dining room. Additionally, you could remove the wall from the kid's room and make it much bigger and convenient for children. Walls in apartments are relatively easy to remove. Before doing this, make sure to call an architect and check with them whether it's the bearing wall or has any utilities. Yet, don't forget to plan it all ahead as well as to pack all essentials items, if you decide to do this in your place,

Combining apartments

This is not much different from removing the walls in your apartment. If you have two separate flats but you'd like to have a huge, open space this would be a great idea. You wouldn't believe how this "simple" task can change the looks of the place. More and more people are doing it nowadays since it's much easier to do this than to find a perfect one. People tend to buy two cheaper apartments and then just remove the separation wall and voila, you got it!

Renovating your place

When it comes to renting a place, you need to have one that looks clean, fresh, and that people want. People like that, and remember that the first impression is the most important one! When people see that the flat they are considering renting looks nice and attractive, they might not have thought decision to make. Also, if you have an old wooden floor that looks rusty, think of renewing it. If you don't want to do this, you could also paint floors with the colors your choose. Make it more interesting by making a pattern with paint.

Building in neighborhood

Try picking an apartment in a good neighborhood as well!

Kitchen appliances

Did you know that most adults spend almost 1 hour everyday cooking? That being said, the kitchen has to be on your list of priorities when thinking of refreshing your apartment. One modern thing you can do is to open the kitchen by removing separating walls! They used to be in small rooms but no one is doing it nowadays. These days, open spaces are more popular. You can do it and get a kitchen, dining space, as well as living space all in one! Also, another great thing you can do is to get a kitchen island with stool seating which makes a great place where you can hang out with your friends!

Let's wrap it up!

Another thing we wanted to mention is the concept of smart houses. More and more tech giants such as Apple, or Google are promoting their gear for smart homes to people, and believe it or not, many people actually like it and find it very useful. For example, it's summer, boiling hot and you are coming exhausted from work. You can simply remotely turn on your AC and your house will be cool when you get back. Not to mention all other possible with lights, TVs, dishwashers as well as the washing machine. With all these renter-friendly home improvement ideas, we hope we inspired you and gave you some good ideas for the growth of your business!