Dec 1, 2023

Self-packing vs. full packing services

Self-packing vs. full packing services

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When you decide it is time to move, that is not the end of your troubles. There are many important questions you have to answer. Besides setting your moving budget and asking around for reliable movers, there’s much more to it. One of the most fundamental questions is whether to pack on your own or to hire help. Whether to use plastic moving bins NYC or just leave it to professionals. The bottom line is to figure out which is the most efficient and economical way to move. Of course, there are two sides to this problem. The pros and cons of both options. Anyway, in this article, we’ll try to make it easier for you. Here is a useful guide to help you decide on self-packing vs. full packing services.

Introduction - self-packing vs. full packing services

When it comes to packing, numerous factors will influence your decision. To pack or not to pack, that is the right question. For starters, think about the amount of the final moving costs. Many people have limited budgets for moving, therefore for packing, as well. Or think about how much time you’ll have for other significant tasks. That’s why you must make a decision that best suits your needs for the packing method. For example, if you are in a hurry, hiring full packing services is advisable. Yet, it will cost you extra money. On the other hand, self-packing will save you a considerable amount of money, but it will take you time. You can always rent moving bins NYC. Think through before you decide on the matter of self-packing vs. full packing services.

If you pick self-packing, get top-quality materials.

It is essential to use top-quality packing materials if you decide to pack by yourself.

Full packing services- pros and cons

If you’re in a situation to move across town, it’s an easy situation. You’ll probably be able to properly pack your household by yourself. But, when it comes to moving across the country or the continent, however, that’s a different story. There is a big chance you’re going to need help from professional packing services. Before you hire a moving company to help you pack and move, ask them several moving related questions.

The advantages of full packing services

By hiring a full packing services company, you’re relieved of all the responsibilities and stress. If you hire professionals, they will guarantee several things.

  • Safe and efficient packing – Professional packers know how to use the optimal capacity of the moving boxes. They also know how to load them in the moving trucks and save the space at the same time. Also, they will surely make all the appropriate measures to prevent damage from happening. Finally, there’s not the smallest chance for shifting to occur inside the moving box during transportation.
  • Top-quality packing materials – Packing professionals use brand new moving boxes, quality packing paper, and tape. Thus, your items will be as safe as the quality of the packing materials.
  • Excellent speed – Every professional packer has a packing strategy, no matter how large your home might be. They usually need several hours to get your entire household neatly packed in boxes.

The cons of full packing services that can make you pick self-packing

Let’s see the other side of the coin. Here are the cons of hiring packing services.

A large final moving cost

Logically, the cost of full packing services will depend on the number of items to be packed. The full cost can vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Also, if you are in a hurry and you need the packers to be faster, that will cost you more.

Lack of control

When strangers start packing your items, without knowing how to systematize your belongings, there’s trouble. Professional packers won’t spend their time sorting your possessions. Their priority is speed. Because time is money. With professional packers, you can end up without knowing where to start with the unpacking. You can give some instructions to the packers to make sure everything will be done the way you want it.

Unreliable packers

Before packers come to your household, make sure to set apart all your valuable possessions. By doing that, you’ll avoid trouble. You should take your valuables with you. If you decide not to do so, provide appropriate insurance.

Full service packing can cost much more than self-packing.

The price of full packing services can be very high. But, it is easier than self-packing.

The pros and cons of self-packing

If you want to retain control over the packing of your belongings, self-packing is the right choice for you. Also, you’ll ensure that no stranger can meddle with your items.

The pros of packing on your own

Lower costs compared to full packing services

Self-packing is the cheapest option, no doubt. Your only expense will be buying adequate packing materials. You can always get the moving boxes for free from local businesses. Also, you can save on packing supplies by using old towels or newspapers to provide padding inside the box.

Reuse old boxes to pack by yourself.

When it comes to the matter of self-packing vs. full packing service, take every detail into consideration.

Flexible and convenient timing

How great it is to pack whenever you want to? When packing on your own, you can start packing the items you don’t need long before the moving day. Packing in a convenient time will lower your anxiety level and allow you to group your items. No hurries.

The risks when you are self-packing that can make you chose full packing services

Of course, there are several disadvantages when it comes to self-packing.

Improper packing is a downside

Because you’re not an expert on packing, there’s a chance that the lack of knowledge and experience can cause damage. That’s especially the case when it comes to packing fragile items, or in case you don’t use proper packing materials.

A waste of time

If you decide to pack your items, you’ll lose a lot of time. Therefore, you’ll lose the time you could spend on other important issues.

No liability from the moving company

Your movers will not be liable for any damage if you’ve packed on your own.

The summary

There you have it. We’ve broken down the ups and downs of self-packing vs. full packing services. We are sure that you’ll make a good decision. We wish you a stress-free packing and relocating. Good luck!