Dec 1, 2023

Senior moving packing hacks

Senior moving packing hacks

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You no longer need to worry about the challenging tasks when it comes to packing and organizing your moving process. With our premium plastic moving bins and green storage bins, this is no longer a concern.

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The skill of compact and practical packaging is a skill that many would like to master, especially when it comes to moving packing. In most cases, all the things that need to be taken out are quite large, and take up a lot of space. And this can become a real problem. Of course, you can always opt for a perfect solution: by takingcheap plastic bins for moving you take up less space and your packing is more organized. Still, if you are an older citizen and need some senior moving packing hacks - let us give you some tips.

Are senior moving packing hacks different than any other packing hacks?

If you are wondering are senior moving packing hacks different than any other, the answer is no, not really. You can start by taking plastic moving boxes and plan your move. And don't worry - unlike the cardboard ones, our eco-moving boxes are reusable, multi-purpose, and long-lasting. So you can pack easily and be more efficient.

clothes - senior moving packing hacks

If you are wondering are senior moving packing hacks different than any other, the answer is no, not really.Of course, boxes have limited space, and sometimes it seems that our needs are unlimited when it comes to what we need to carry. This is especially true when it comes to bulkier and more voluminous items. In this case, consider getting storage bins that can accommodate all your needs. In this way, you won't need to master the skill of practical packaging.

Make a packing list

No matter if you are moving as a senior and regardless of your age, you need to make a packing list. Make a list of the things you want to bring, then read and think about whether each of those things is necessary, practical, and multi-purpose. You are relocating after all, and you might not need everything. If most of the things on the list can’t go through these three filters, you might want to consider what you should donate or throw away. This will save you time packing.

Bigger items go to the bottom

When you start packing, the first thing you need is moving supplies. And Capital City Bins have designed multi-purpose packing boxes for moving and packing, in several sizes. Of course, you can use other items as well. For example, since you won't need suitcases before you get to your desired destination, you should use them as well. Remember to put heavier items on the bottom of the boxes or suitcase. Also, think about items or equipment you may need along the way, or fragile and sensitive things that can't be put on the bottom.

Folded shirt a wallet shoes and a camera

No matter if you are moving as a senior and regardless of your age, you need to make a packing list.

Packing your clothes

When packing clothes, it is best to pack room by room. This means if you have clothes in several rooms, write down what goes where. Of course, this is the time to consider what you can give away. Moving unnecessary things is quite impractical, and you may end up just having to get more packing supplies. With this, you can even think about changing your appearance. Trust us, there are ways to look younger despite being a senior - especially in your clothes.

Leave room for the necessary items

The most important thing when moving is to arrive safely and securely. After that, your items should also arrive safely. Of course, this is something that your movers need to take care of. With this, you need to carry a bag (or a box) of the thing you need every day. This box can include anything you think of, but most probably it will be filled with items you use every day. For example, those can be your pajamas, toothbrush, soap, medicines, important documents, or even valuables. Carry this bag or box with you at all times during the move.

If you carry something on your own...

When you relocate, you might not want to entrust all your items to the moving company. And that's ok. But if you move on your own, you have to remember that you can easily break things in a hurry. So, any items you need should stand at the top of your trunk. This is because you must not allow that in case of an accident you have to take all the things out of the trunk into the middle of the road. Apart from the fact that this is not safe at all, you will also spend a lot of time on this.

A blue and white jumper

When you relocate, you might not want to entrust all your items to the moving company.If you are not moving on your own. it is important to determine who will travel in one vehicle and to agree on how much space someone needs. There should always be enough space for each family member. A good suggestion is to pack two people in one suitcase if that is possible. In addition to this, you can agree on what to wear. Since you are limited by space, it is a good idea not to carry everything, that is, to distribute things that you could use together so that everyone brings some of the things from your packing list.

Plan a space for bulkier items

If you move a piano, you probably have to call movers. But let's say that you need have been skiing for years, so you probably already have some elements of ski equipment. These pieces are bulkier than other items. Most equipment can be disassembled, which is an advantage, but even so, disassembled will take up more space. So, plan a way to pack more voluminous items. You can always consult with us and we'll be glad to help you out. In any case, we wish you good luck with the senior moving packing hacks.