Dec 1, 2023

Should you help your NYC movers?

Should you help your NYC movers?

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There comes a time when you might think whether or not to help your NYC movers. Well, it is always nice to help, but sometimes you might do more harm than good. We have prepared a short guide in which we will teach you the difference between those two. Hopefully you will find it useful when you are helping you movers!

When you should help your NYC movers and when not?

The decision is not entirely up to you, however. Sometimes you wish to help, but end up hindering the entire process. Prepare your plastic moving tubs and moving boxes, there are some times when you should actually help!

You can always find ways to help your NYC movers

You can always find ways to help your NYC movers

  • Ask your movers: This is your safest option. You can ask when to help your NYC movers and they will tell you. For example, you can do some packing, or you can do some cleaning or you can even mentally prepare for your move instead. Everything you can do to help, do it, but let the professional movers know in advance. You don't want to end up prolonging the process or messing up.
  • Do some things in advance: Cleaning is the safest option you can do to help. The best time to do it will be both before and after the move - Before because you want your items to be clean and after because you want the place you are leaving to be clean. It can get dirty during the move, you should know that by now. Professional movers will need some help and they will appreciate!
  • Find other ways to help out: There are other ways you can help your NYC movers. For example, you can tip them in advance and they will probably do a slightly better job than they usually would. You see how it works? You help them, they help you. This is not needed, but it is really a nice gesture!
  • Help by not doing anything: Sometimes not doing anything is considered help. There might be some cases in which the professional movers will have everything under control and you should probably leave the residence or not bother them. If that is the case, they will tell you. Listen to them, they are professionals, after all.

Keep this in mind:

While you can do a lot of things to help, always make sure to consult with the movers beforehand. There are some of the best organizing tips to speed up unpacking or the entire process, so you should consult with them about it. Moreover, you should also do whatever you feel is necessary, but for as long as it is not expected to be done by the movers. For example, you can't load an entire truck on your own - don't attempt to help in such ways!

Know when to help your NYC movers

Knowing when to help your NYC movers is the keyAlso, you can keep track of what needs to be done around the house. You can make a list of questions to ask before you do anything and you will learn valuable information about the move itself. Then, when you are moving the next time, you can use that to your advantage and help your movers even more. However, keep in mind that you should not be doing some things, but more on that in the later parts of the guide.

What you should not do to help your NYC movers

The list of things you should not do is longer than the list of things you should do. The safest option is to get some bins from moving bin rental NYC or any other place and to wait for instructions. However, never do the following, no matter what:

  • Argue: The worst thing you can do is argue with your movers. Chances are they know a lot more than you do, so if they say something listen to them. There is no point arguing with the people who are trying to get you safely to your new home. After all, their service will represent their general satisfaction with the situation. Never argue with your movers.
  • Think you know better: This is the mistake some of us make while moving. Your movers do this on a daily basis and chances are they know everything about the move better than you. Never try to help by teaching them how to do their job. They will not like it and they will not listen to you. Even if they do, they would probably have done the job much better if you simply left them alone.
A box for packing

The moving company you hired knows better than you about the entire process of moving.

More things on the not-to-do list

  • Never do dangerous things alone: You might think that transporting a piano can be done by one person. Never do that. Actually, never do anything dangerous on your own. There are some ways you can end up hurting yourself or your inventory. Let the movers do what they are getting paid for.
  • Try not to interfere: This is one of the most important not-to-do things. You should never interfere with the work your movers are doing. You will only annoy them and the process will take longer. We know that you only want to help, but just talk to them before doing anything on your own. Trust us, both you and your movers will appreciate this.

General thoughts about when to help your NYC movers

The moving company you hired knows better than you about the entire process of moving. There are little things you can do to change that unless you become a professional mover yourself. There are some things you should learn and once you do, you can help your movers in the best possible way. Furthermore, always make sure to know what they want and ask them if anything is not clear. This will help with the misconceptions both sides might have and this will make sure that your move goes according to plan.


Overall, you need to make sure to know when to help your NYC movers and when to stay aside. This can get a bit tricky and it depends on the situation, but we are certain you can do it! We hope that this little guide helped you at least a bit and that you found it useful. Remember, if anything, you can always ask for some help.