Dec 1, 2023

Should you store your valuables while traveling?

Should you store your valuables while traveling?

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You're finally taking a vacation and you decided to travel somewhere for a while? Good for you. Nowadays it's easy to work yourself too hard, so taking a vacation and booking that trip you always wanted to go on is actually a form of self-care. Or maybe you're traveling for work? Also good for you, think about all those new experiences and adventures. You might be traveling far to study, volunteer, or try out teaching as a profession. Whatever the reason for your long-term trip, you'll need to plan for it thoroughly. That includes deciding whether or not you should store your valuables while traveling. The answer is - yes, you definitely should! Store your prized possessions in a safe and secure way so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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You will be able to enjoy your trip more if you store your valuables while traveling

Why should you store your valuables while traveling?

If you’re planning a long-term holiday or a sabbatical you probably won't be maintaining your lease during you trip. It's likely best to leave your valuables in a storage unit during your trip. You could store them in your family's or friend's home, but that might be inconvenient for them, especially if you decide to prolong your journey. Therefore, a storage unit is your best bet. Packing your valuables in our plastic moving totes and storing them in a storage facility comes with numerous advantages.

  1. Safety of your possessions. You will be able to relax and appreciate your trip more when you're sure that your valuables are properly packed and safely stored and nothing can happen to them.
  2. No deadlines. If you decide to delay your return, just extend your storage period.
  3. Possibility of insurance. A storage unit with insurance adds another layer of security to your valuables. Check with your storage provider if any additional insurance is required when you rent your unit.

Determine which valuable items you should store while traveling

First of all, you need to determine which items you'll be bringing and which ones you'll be storing. Keep in mind that renting a storage unit comes with a price, and not all of your items are worth the cost. Your valuables, from jewelry like necklaces and wristwatches, to meaningful heirlooms, are definitely worth that cost. Likewise, large items such as TVs and personal computers are best placed in a storage unit during your trip. Also, storing important documents is something you should do. If you have a car you love and you don't want to sell, consider storing it.

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Make a list of valuables you'll be storing, it will be useful when you get back as wellMake a list of items you will be storing and choose your storage unit precisely with your precious belongings in mind. You can get a storage unit exactly the right size and maybe also with climate-control to safely protect your delicate items.

Pack your valuables properly

Properly packing and storing your important belongings will help you ensure they’re secure while you’re away. Taking the time to pack items in a proper way seems like a simple enough advise, but it cannot be emphasized enough. Make sure you use storage bins that are sturdy and resistant to water and dust, like our storage bin rentals. Carefully pack your breakables, and make sure that boxes are stacked correctly. It is advisable not to use cardboard boxes for long-term storage because they collect dust and moisture. If you do use them, keep them off the floor whenever possible. If you choose plastic bins, you don't need to worry about keeping them off the floor, as they are extremely sturdy and durable. Plastic boxes with sealable lids are also more easily stackable. Improperly storing your valuable belongings, even for the short term, can end in unnecessary damage and stress.

Make sure to label your boxes

When you get back from traveling, you might not remember which items are packed where. Hence, it is important that you label your boxes accurately. Doing so will make it easy for you to find everything. Also, the process of unpacking items will be as smooth and as easy as possible. Another useful tip is to make a master list of all the items that you will be storing. Pack the list in with the rest of your stuff. When you unpack them in the future, check if everything on the list is there and you will know whether you are missing a valuable item or not. The whole process of packing and labeling may seem like a chore, but there are always ways to make it fun. Put some music on, take some breaks during the day and get excited about your up-coming trip.

Choose someone to check in on your valuables every so often

When you choose to store valuables while traveling, it's a good idea to select a trustworthy local person who can visit the storage unit for you. This person could ship an item to you from your storage unit if you happen to need it while you’re away. He or she would also be able to respond quickly if there were a problem regarding storage. Having someone checking in on your things is particularly important if you’re storing a car. Taking the car for a spin can help prevent premature damage from sitting.

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Experience new parts of the world while your items are safely stored back home

Happy traveling!

If you still have doubts, keep in mind that with self-storage you aren't inconveniencing anybody and your possessions are secure. Nowadays there are many self-storage facilities with units at a variety of sizes and prices. Hence, you can surely find the one that fits your needs completely. Make sure to take the time to pack well for storage and you are all set. If you properly pack and store your valuables while traveling, you’ll be able to get them out of storage in the same state you left them when you get back from your travels. Go and enjoy your journey without worrying about the safety of your treasured items.