Dec 1, 2023

Should you tip your NYC movers?

Should you tip your NYC movers?

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When you move with a moving company, you entrust all your belongings and your most cherished possessions to people you've never met before. This requires more than just a decent leap of faith. Of course, the following applies: tip your NYC movers and treat the people who lug your piano or the rustic oak wall unit, down from the fifth floor and then back up to the sixth floor with respect. Ordering around and knowing everything better is not part of respectful interaction. However, you can show your appreciation for the work of the movers not only by using an appreciative tone but also in the form of a tip. Tipping the movers is not obligatory, but it is a popular form of recognition. Capital City Bins will give you some advice on the topic.

How much money is appropriate

Tipping the movers demonstrates appreciation on your part for each worker's help. This is important because, in the end, you will be paying the bill to the head of the moving company. A move can take several days. It can take up to a whole day to prepare moving supplies, pack up, carry down and stow away the household goods. Then comes the transport and the carrying and unpacking again. It is not easy to get all the furniture to its new destination undamaged. With a tip of twenty dollars per helper and per moving day, you reward the workers for the great work. In addition, a snack in between and fresh drinks is advisable. Also, you can write a positive review on Google. This will help the next movers find a good moving company. This way you will promote the company at the same time.

Tip your NYC movers

Do not forget to tip your NYC movers to show your appreciation for a job well done.

Factors to consider

Ultimately, it is up to you how much you tip your NYC movers. For example, while $20 per mover is common for a short-distance move, you may well choose to tip more if the service exceeded your expectations. Likewise, you may want to tip a little less if you are not completely happy with how movers did their job (rather than foregoing a tip altogether). You should consider how complicated your move was. Some moves are inherently more difficult than others. Also do not forget that you can rent green storage bins for your move. That way you can have a more eco-friendly move. This is not a time to forget about the environment. The moving supplies are an important part of that. If you have eco-friendly supplies your move will have a less negative effect on the environment.

When to tip your NYC movers - before or after the move?

Now the question remains when to tip your NYC movers, before or after the move. If you give the money before the move, in the best case you will increase the movers' motivation. In the worst case, however, you will feel ripped off if you were not satisfied with the service after the move. There is another way you can win over the movers from the start. Simply provide drinks and snacks at the beginning of relocation. Anything that is good to eat and drink quickly in between and on the side. We must also mention that when you move, it will be much easier for you and your movers if you have quality equipment. Certainly the most important are the moving bins. When you have quality moving supplies, all your belongings will have better protection. Also, the move will be much easier and more stress-free.

Moving boxes on table

It is important to have quality moving supplies when moving.

When is it okay not to tip your NYC movers?

There are some scenarios where a tip is not warranted. If you are not satisfied with the service provided, don't tip just because you think it is expected of you. Sometimes, if you might want to skip the tip, there are some reasons to do so. If you are not happy with the quality of moving supplies and how the packing was done. It is ok not to tip when your carriers have shown up outside of the scheduled time window without explanation or apology. If your movers have been rude or otherwise disrespectful. Of course, if you work with a reputable moving company, chances are you won't have to worry about any of the above scenarios. Find a trustworthy, top-rated moving company and quality moving supplies and this scenario will be avoided.

Couple giving high give standing near pile of boxes

Remember, these are not necessarily alternatives to tipping movers. It is an additional way you can show your gratitude for a job well done.

Other ways to show your appreciation

Tipping is a great way to show that you appreciate your mover's work. Likewise, there are other things you can do to convey your appreciation if you want to go above and beyond. Here are some ideas that include:

  • Providing a cooler with cold water and snacks.
  • Providing lunch, breakfast, or dinner, depending on the time of day they are working.
  • Simply saying a genuine "thank you."
  • Leave the moving company a good review online.

Moving is hard enough without it being 95 degrees outside with 100% humidity or freezing and icy. Getting all the moving supplies, packing, and moving them can be really hard. Being a mover is a tough job that doesn't always pay very well. Showing that you appreciate the hard work is good form as a customer and will never go unnoticed or unappreciated. So the next time you work with a professional moving company, set aside some money to tip your NYC movers after the job is complete. Give us a call and find out beforehand how much moving supplies you will need. Also, find out how many workers will be coming so you know how much you need. And remember, working with movers isn't cheap, but the time and stress that you save more than makes up for it.