Dec 1, 2023

Small bathroom storage hacks to try this spring

Small bathroom storage hacks to try this spring

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Spring has come so it’s time to do some spring cleaning! Freshen up your home and while you’re at it, why not also make your home less cluttered? Yes, recycling or gifting items you don’t use is one way to go, but it’s not the only one. You can also optimize your storage space – that way, you don’t have to get rid of anything, but you will make your home tidier and less cluttered. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get new dressers or cabinets, don’t worry. There are many ways to increase your storage space by using items you have on hand – for instance, plastic packing boxes for moving make for excellent storage containers. Here are some small bathroom storage hacks and ideas to help you out.

Utilize the walls

Your walls are prime storage real-estate, but likely all of this space is unused. If you utilize your walls properly, you’ll end up with more than enough space for everything you need. The first and most obvious step is setting up a few wall-mounted shelves. They’re cheap and you can install them yourself without too much hassle. This is one of those small bathroom storage hacks that people find obvious, but somehow never get around to doing. Just try putting one up and you’ll see how such a simple solution can make a big difference.

A bathroom with no shelving.

If your walls are unused, you won't have enough space in your bathroom. Utilizing your walls properly is one of the best small bathroom storage hacks.

Wall hooks and towel racks

Even simpler than installing shelves is putting up wall hooks and towel racks. Walls hooks are excellent for putting up your clothes or towels until you get around to installing a proper rack. All they require is a few screws or you can get self-adhesive ones. It won’t take you more than five minutes. You can even utilize the backside of your door. Get some green moving supplies and use them as containers. Put them behind the door and nobody will notice, but you’ll end up with much more storage space than you started out with.

Categorize and separate your frequently used items

You’ll be surprised by how much less your bathroom is cluttered if you just do a bit of organizing. Separate your cleaning products from your hygiene products and place them in separate containers or drawers. Take the items you use most frequently (your toothbrush, hairbrush, makeup, etc.) and put them in a single container that you’ll place on the countertop. To further maximize your space, you can rent moving supplies (small bins or boxes) and place all of your small items inside, before you put them on the shelves. Categorizing your items is the cheapest and simplest of these small bathroom storage hacks, but it means a lot.

Some bathroom items put in place through small bathroom storage hacks.

Separating your frequently used items will make your bathroom less cluttered.

Find unused storage spaces

Finally, you should get creative. As we don’t know the exact layout of your bathroom, we can’t give you specific advice. But, we can guarantee that you have some unused space in your bathroom. Are you using the space under your sink? If not, get some cheap plastic bins for moving, place them underneath, and use them as storage containers. Is there 5 or more inches of space between your washing machine and dryer? Use that space as well. You can come up with many small bathroom storage hacks if you take the time to look around your bathroom and imagine what you can do with any unused space you see. Don’t hesitate to experiment – you can put everything back to where it was initially if you don’t like it.