Dec 1, 2023

Small office moving checklist

Small office moving checklist

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Small office moving is not a small task. You have to start planning early, and in the end, it usually ends up in stress anyway. What definitely can't hurt is a checklist. Since an office move usually doesn't happen too often, there are many tips and tricks from experienced "movers" on the Internet. A breakdown of the daily business is usually, at least partially, unavoidable. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that this downtime should be kept as short as possible. Therefore Capital City Bins has prepared a moving checklist so you can relocate your small office faster and easier.

Where do I start? Or when?

Draw up a schedule and decide whether the move could perhaps take place partly over a weekend. Then, much to the delight of the employees, there will be no loss of work. In addition, setting up the new business premises takes a lot of time even after the actual move and must not be forgotten in the planning. An office relocation is therefore not only the move itself, but a project that lasts for several months. It is therefore advisable to plan it as early as possible and as carefully as possible, and acquire green moving supplies for your relocation in time

Man looking at white printer papers on the wall

Make a plan for small office moving.

The small office move: How to build your checklist

In addition to booking the right company for you to plan your office move as a professional, you should ask yourself the following questions in advance, depending on the size of your company:

  • Are enough packing materials, stackable bins with lids, and transportation already organized or available?
  • Do you need additional professional staff?
  • How do you want to secure your move as far as insurance is concerned?
  • How wide are the stairs and doors? Is an elevator available and how big is it?

In addition to these questions, you would always need to make sure that you have a solid takeover protocol in place so that all belongings will arrive safely at the new office location.

There is a small office moving checklist...thank God!

That sounds all well and good so far. But when exactly do you have to do what, and what must you not forget under any circumstances? There you comes the checklist. You must, as mentioned before, start planning as early as possible. Let's just say about four months before the move. The first thing you need to do is cancel the old lease if you haven't already. Of course, only when the new premises are airtight under contract. This should now also result in a moving date. It is very practical to inform the employees about the move. Otherwise, you might find yourself all alone in the new premises. Write an information letter to the employees as early as possible. After all, one or the other may have to reschedule privately, for example by taking a different train route.

Who also needs to be informed about a change of address

Then also inform customers and business partners, e.g. by means of a circular letter. Any downtimes can also be announced here straight away. New addresses, telephone, and fax numbers must not be forgotten here under any circumstances. Who else needs to be informed? The tax advisor, lawyers, the tax office, insurance companies, the trade association, the employment agency, and others.

1 month before - there is still plenty of time!

Therefore, we first start with the exciting part of the preparation: making a furnishing plan. Plan the layout of office space and incorporate employee requests. Now contact the forwarding company once again: Is additional specialized personnel still needed and must be contracted externally? Do you have enough moving boxes NYC and moving supplies available? Who will take care of the no-stopping zones for the moving day? And finally: inventory the furnishings! Now the archiving can be reconsidered. Anything that is not taken along must be professionally destroyed. But: Observe storage obligations and rather take too much with you than too little. Finally, create a forwarding order at the post office and, if necessary, change newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Boxes you can use for small office moving

Be sure that you have enough packing material for the relocation.

1 week before small office moving - time is running out

One week before the move, everything revolves around the move. Food is of course the right nerve food. Therefore: hire a catering company for the food on the big day. In addition, it is now worthwhile to inform old and new neighbors about the move and to check the condition of the respective premises and record it in writing. One day before the move, it is then important to save valuable and important documents from chaos and stow them away extra or bring them to the new office yourself.

Finally - the big day

Today is the day. Check the staircases of the old and new buildings for previous damage so that you cannot be held responsible for it later. It's best to take a photo and then, of course, have everything professionally cleaned after the move. Now it's time to move into the new premises. Important here: make sure the lighting is good in good time. As the day draws to a close, have a tip ready for the movers and, to top it off, extend an invitation to a housewarming party for the employees and volunteers.

After the small office moving

While at best employees will be back to their normal day-to-day activities, there are a few final organizational things to take care of. For one: Change the imprint and contact details on the company website. This is not only a legal requirement, but it also looks extremely unserious to potential customers or business partners if contact data on the company website is incorrect or no longer up to date.

People sitting on chairs beside their desks in an office

There are still a few things to take care of after the move.Small office moving can be easier if you have a good plan and the right packing material and supplies. Therefore give us a call and make sure that you have your packing material ready for your office move. And don't forget to have fun meanwhile.