Dec 1, 2023

Storage ideas for small NYC bedrooms

Storage ideas for small NYC bedrooms

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There is no end to your happiness when you move into your new NYC apartment. The view from the window is breathtaking, the rest of the apartment is not far behind in your eyes. However, this fairytale is ruining one small thing, and that is the small bedroom. Maybe it’s the not size that’s bothering you as much it is the lack of storage. As the size of your items could double through the coming years, lack of storage could pose a problem. Therefore, you should find and use storage ideas for small NYC bedrooms. These ideas will come in handy for everyone whose size of belongings is becoming bigger and the size of the bedroom stays the same. Capital City Bins can provide you with ideas and materials for any project.

What storage ideas for small NYC bedrooms you should use in your room?

You might think it is difficult to get additional storage in a small bedroom. However, lucky for you, that’s not true. There are many great storage ideas for small NJ apartments, and this implies for the bedroom. When you think about the wardrobe, try to find only fitted furniture. With this type of furniture, you can use every free inch of your bedroom. Also, add a floor to ceiling dimension and you have a winning combination. However, if you just throw in your clothes without any order, all that hard job just will not pay off. To get all the benefits, you need to properly organize your clothes and other items. Put your clothes on the hangers as this will save space. For out of the season clothes, you can store them in plastic bin boxes at the bottom of the closet.

clothes on hangers

Put your clothes on hangers to save space.

Use unusual places for extra storage in your bedroom

When you are looking for more storage, think about the space under and behind the bed. The space under the bed could be used in a much better way than just for collecting dust. For storage supplies, you can use plastic boxes with lids for shoes or study material and other things. For clothes and bedding, the best option is vacuum-sealed bags, as they also protect from dust, bugs, and filth. Another great idea is to install a horizontal row of shelves above the headboard near the ceiling. In addition to this, install more rows of shelves, this time vertically to create a closet-like-shape. Beneath the horizontal row of shelves, make a rack for hangers. This way, using a place above and behind the bed, you get a stylish and creative storage place. This can be new storage used for storing summer clothes and equipment.

Modern minimalist apartment with bed and view of city.

Use the space under your bed to store items.

Creativity is the key to the success

Storage ideas for small NYC bedrooms can be endless if you are creative and persistent enough.

  • Drawer organizer - for everything from socks to office material
  • Command hooks - where you can hang your purses
  • Over the door laundry hamper
  • Use your desk as a vanity
  • Hang shoes on the door