Dec 1, 2023

Storage ideas when staging a home

Storage ideas when staging a home

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When you are moving away, first what you need to do is sell your home. It is a quite long process and there are a lot of things to do. Starting from the paperwork to decluttering and cleaning your home. And don’t forget that finding storage ideas when staging your home is also necessary. You will want to remove as many things as possible so it looks perfect when your buyer comes inside to see them. You can either rent storage, buy one, or find some alternatives. There are a lot of solutions. Also, you will need some storage bin rentals, since all those items need to fit in somewhere. This is a time where you get creative and try out plenty of different things. You can even give a call to your friends and have some fun while you prepare your home for a sale.

Storage units in a warehouse with green doors.

One of the most common storage ideas when staging a home is renting a storage unit.

Having a storage unit is one of the most useful tips when staging a home

When you are in need of extra space for your belongings, the most common thing people do is rent or buy a storage unit. It is definitely the easiest way. Most likely, it is the quickest as well. If you bring up a decision like this, you will need to know what kind of storage you want. There are different sizes and types of storage. After that, getting plastic moving totes is a must. You want to protect your belongings in safe boxes. Basic cardboard ones cannot protect them from moisture and other conditions. That is also one of the reasons why when choosing storage, you should find a climate-controlled one.If you decide that you want proper storage, be prepared it will cost you quite a lot. If you have a smaller budget, then you should definitely look for other alternatives that don't require that much money. And you need to decide if you want it for the long term or short term. After you get your storage, it's time to arrange it. Get all the needed moving supplies and start packing.

Don't forget that you can call your friends or relatives

There is a solution that will even be free. You can always call a family member or some close friend and ask for this favor. You can store your belonging at their house if they have extra space. But tell them that it's temporary. Only while your house is on the market and still for sale. But you should keep in mind that if you have furniture that needs to be stored, and you have a lot of it, better figure out other storage ideas when staging a home. Still, you can place other items there. Remember that still, even if you go with this option, you need green moving supplies for storing.Organizing everything is really important when you are using someone else’s house. You don’t want your belongings everywhere around their house, making a mess. With proper plastic boxes and other types of bins, you can store your items neatly anywhere. So better get them on time!

Empty cardboard box, duck tape and scissors.

Get all the moving supplies to store your items properly.

Some of the storage ideas when staging a home is to use a peer-to-peer storage

Not many people are aware of this option, but you can find peer-to-peer storage now. This is a new option in this field of services. It is basically renting storage. There are homeowners who own an empty space in their basement or in the garage. They offer you that place so you can store your items there. And you need to pay. But most of the time, the price is negotiable and it’s not really high. So it pays off. You can find on the internet what peer-to-peer storage options you have in your surrounding. There are a few websites with lists of storage in your area.Remember that renting plastic bins for moving is still something you must do. And renting a garage is a perfect combination. You can rearrange it however you like and you can find adaptable bins and shelves for it. There are special storage bins that you can find, both plastic and cardboard. And they come in different sizes as well. You can buy

  • Large, medium, or small bins
  • Dish packs
  • Mattress, wardrobe, and mirror boxes
  • Custom Crates

If you have a garage or a shed, now it’s time to use it!

If you have a garage on your own, then you don’t even need to think about other storage solutions! While your home is for sale on the market, you can store items there. But remember that still you need to make it tidy and clean. Your future buyers and visitors will want to take a look at the garage too. So find some affordable shelves you can use and arrange your plastic bins and boxes on each shelf. It will look neat and nice. And still, your belongings will be stored exactly how they should be.If you still don’t want to use the garage, and you would rather have it empty for the buyers, there is another option. If you have a shed, you can use it now for this. And even if you don’t have one, it’s very easy to make it. Your friends can help you out. You shouldn’t be worried about your boxes being somewhere at your home. Instead, better make sure that everything is in its place and that the home is clean and tidy. Having a lot of clutter is not really recommendable.

A couple talking about storage ideas when staging

Label your boxes so your items don't get mixed up.

Be creative and know how to use your space

No matter what storage solution you decide to take, in the end, there are a few tips that can come in handy. Knowing how to use your space is really important. But you need to be a little bit creative about that. You can go online to get inspired andfind some storage ideas when staging. If your room where you are storing your belongings is small, you will definitely want to know how to make it functional. This can also help you out with plenty of other things. Especially when you are about to arrange and decorate your new home.