Dec 1, 2023

The cheapest NYC neighborhoods for renters

The cheapest NYC neighborhoods for renters

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New York City is one of those rare places that give you a feeling like you're in the center of the whole world. It is the ultimate playground, but it's no secret that that playground is one of the most expensive places to live nationwide. However, in the wake of the pandemic, lots of New Yorkers are leaving the city. Now, it is easier to score a deal because landlords are grappling to fill empty apartments. Especially if you're flexible about where you would live in the city.One of the most important things the pandemic has taught is how much we have been taking our environment for granted. That's why today, more than ever, is important to make choices that are responsible and environmentally friendly. Especially when we are moving since it can cause a lot of clutter, garbage, and plastic that ends up in our environment. Therefore, if you are one of the people looking to grab the opportunity of scoring the cheapest NYC neighborhoods for renters, make sure you use green moving boxes NYC for your relocation.

What are some of the cheapest NYC neighborhoods for renters?

When New York City calls, there's not much choice - you have to answer. But the answer will depend on how deep your pockets are. That doesn’t mean you can’t find convenience, beauty, and affordability in the Big Apple. Rents in NYC are dropping and there are actually good deals out there in great areas of the city. Don't forget to be well prepared and organized. Aside from looking for the most affordable NYC neighborhoods, get everything you need on time and rent green moving supplies. So, where can you find these deals?

1. Marble Hill, Inwood, and Washington Heights are the cheapest neighborhoods in Manhattan

Manhattan - for many, the synonym of New York City. If you wish to find the most inexpensive neighborhoods to move to Manhattan, Washington Heightscould be your choice. It is a lively neighborhood between the Hudson and Harlem Rivers, and the rent ranges from $1,802 for a studio apartment to $2,567 for a three-bedroom apartment. If you're moving to a place smaller than the one you are currently living in, think about getting storage bins and large plastic moving boxes.Inwood can also be a good choice of neighborhood for you, located at the northern tip of Manhattan Island. It has Inwood Hill Park and Fort Tryon Park, many cultural sites you can experience outdoors, and numerous social events happening. A studio apartment in Inwood could cost you around $1,629 per month. If you're a college student looking for a place in Manhattan, Marble Hill could be a perfect choice. The neighborhood is crammed with students and lots of things to do.

A view of Manhattan

Many people looking for the cheapest NYC neighborhoods for renters choose Marble Hill, Inwood, or Washington Heights in Manhattan

2. If you'd prefer Brooklyn, look into Bay Ridge and Sunset Park

Brooklyn is one of New York City’s most diverse, vibrant, and artistic boroughs that breathes with trendiness. And not to mention the magnificent Brooklyn Museum! This is why people often come to Brooklyn from other parts of the city. If you're one of them, check out some tips on how to move from one NYC neighborhood to another. Southwest Brooklyn offers many affordable treasures, and one of them is Bay Ridge. Popular with families for its solid public schools, it is also loved for its breathtaking views of the harbor and Verrazano Bridge. From a studio to a three-bedroom apartment, rent averages from $1,414 to $2,304.Another affordable choice in Brooklyn could be Sunset Park. It sits just east of the New York Harbor with beautiful views of the city. Once considered a dangerous part of Brooklyn, Sunset Park made a complete turnaround. However, this is a neighborhood for those not looking for fancy, but diversity and a community feel. The area is largely residential and rich with beautiful architecture. The rent in Sunset Park ranges from around $1,750 for a studio to $2,400 for a three-bedroom apartment.

Brooklyn as one of the cheapest NYC neighborhoods for renters

Many people come to Brooklyn to feel the life of art and culture

3. Sunnyside is a great choice if you're looking for affordability in Queens

Sunnyside is a perfect Queens neighborhood for families. It is a quiet residential area with people who are generally friendly and inclusive. Nestled between Astoria and Long Island City, this family-heavy neighborhood is filled with a diverse ethnic population. In recent times it has risen rapidly due to its proximity to transportation and the city. Today, it is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Queens that people are moving to. However, it doesn't offer many options for shopping enthusiasts. Most residents go to Astoria, Greenpoint, or Midtown for shopping. But there's still much to enjoy in this area. If you take a walk down Queens Boulevard, you can get cuisine from almost anywhere in the world. Sunnyside Gardens, a community within Sunnyside, is listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places and is a true beauty with its historic cottages and towering trees.

Make your relocation easy, affordable, but also eco-friendly

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Going eco-friendly is one of the biggest responsibilities we have today, even when we're going through the process of movingEvery relocation is challenging, and the process of packing is what gives many a headache. But we still need to think about the well-being of our planet too. Therefore, make sure the moving supplies you're using for your relocation are reusable and eco-friendly. Capital City Bins is a company that can provide you with exactly that and much more you might need for an eco-friendly relocation. Start preparing as soon as possible, rely on the help of a good company, and then - indulge in that NYC lifestyle. Make your dreams come true in the Big Apple even if you do not end up in one of the cheapest NYC neighborhoods for renters.