Dec 1, 2023

The moving supplies you need for a green relocation

The moving supplies you need for a green relocation

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Our planet is constantly being polluted from a variety of sources. That is a simple fact. While you can't do much for what other people do, what you can do is make your own actions as much eco-friendly as possible. Therefore, when undergoing a move, you may want to look into moving supplies you need for a green relocation. The easiest way to do so is to rent reusable moving boxes for your move. Other than that, you may want to utilize materials that are biodegradable. Hiring a "green" moving company is a step in the right direction, as well. In this article, we are going to provide you with all the ways in which you can make your relocation just a bit greener. By combining everything, you are going to do your part in troubling our planet the least.

What kind of moving supplies do you need for a green relocation?

Of particular note are reusable materials, such as plastic moving tubs, for example, but here are all the supplies that you want to consider when undergoing a relocation:

  • Reusable moving boxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Moving blankets, towels, and linens
  • Products of paper for additional protection
  • Already used packing materials
  • Hire a green moving company!

By not purchasing new materials, you are making it so there are fewer of them produced, simple as that. Basically, going green means that you use as many biodegradable and reusable supplies as possible. While you may think that this will not make an effect on a global scale, every little bit helps. For example, when you organize a move, you organize every little detail because it counts in the end. All to ensure you have the positive experience. The same applies when you want to make a positive impact in terms of going green.

Reusable moving boxes

And speaking of reusable, it is always better to utilize such moving containers for your relocation. You can have them from any material, really, but plastic works best for a variety of purposes. Plastic moving supplies are durable, quite hygienic, and easier to handle. They will be your best friends for the entirety of your move. However, you can choose to go with wooden crates as well. You will want to do so if you have numerous heavy items, as wood can hold a lot more weight than plastic. But for the most part, you can conduct the entire relocation with plastic boxes alone.

person loading a van with cardboard boxes

Your relocation is going to need plenty of moving boxes. Make them as green as possible.

Popular moving supplies you need for a green relocation are cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are a moving staple for several good reasons. First, they are really cheap to obtain. Second, if you utilize moving boxes that were previously used, you are not contributing to the cutting of trees. You can find these supplies in your local stores for free or really cheap. A quick internet search will also provide you with plenty of affordable moving boxes. While they are not as convenient as storage bins, these boxes do an excellent job of protecting your belongings during transportation. But you need to make sure to properly line and secure them with other supplies, as well. This leads us to our next point.

Moving blankets, towels, and linens

The best lining and padding for your moving containers come in the form of linens, moving blankets, and towels. All of these items are biodegradable and are quite green. You will use them to further secure your belongings inside their containers, as well as providing extra shock absorption for your boxes. Most of us have plenty of these in our homes. Relocation is a great opportunity to put them to good use. You can always throw, sell, or donate them to a charity organization after you are done with them. Provided they are in a good state, of course. Your items will see even more use, which will further contribute to the green moving process.

blankets and towels

Linens and moving blankets are a great green padding solution.

Products of paper for additional protection

You may want to utilize plenty of paper products for further securing your belongings. Packing paper and the like is a great way to fill in the empty space within your moving boxes. This will form an additional layer of security for your items. After packing everything, just add a bit of packing paper wherever you see an empty space. You can crumple it and make it conform to any space within the box. This makes packing paper one of the best products for ensuring the safety of your items.

Moving supplies you need for a green relocation include already used packing materials

The absolute best way to ensure that your relocation is as green as possible is to utilize materials that were previously used. You can find these easily online, on various marketplaces. They will cost quite a bit less than new materials. By using such supplies, your relocation is going to go up a notch on the green scale of things. You can also ask your movers for such supplies if you have trouble finding them. But for the most part, they are plentiful and easy to obtain. Materials such as packing peanuts, bubble wrapping, and the like, do not really deteriorate that much and are perfectly viable for your relocation. Usually, they are going to be in perfect working condition. Of course, the better state they are in, the costlier they get. You might want to balance those two.

cardboard boxes

Already used packing materials are as green as they get.

Hire a green moving company!

The last piece of the green puzzle is to hire a moving company with green policies. This will ensure that there is the least amount of pollution possible. They are also a great way to obtain moving supplies you need for a green relocation, as well. More and more companies are going this route, as they realize how important preserving our planet is. You should have no trouble hiring one of those for your relocation. However, having them on your side is only one piece of the puzzle. You will want to utilize everything else that we've described in this article, as well. That is the way.