Dec 1, 2023

The ultimate unpacking checklist

The ultimate unpacking checklist

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Packing is the hardest part of moving. It takes a lot of energy and time. Rarely ever does it happen that someone thinks about unpacking. You might feel like your move is over when the last box is packed. However, the real job is about to come. All your items can't be forever left in eco moving boxes, somebody needs to take them out. In this situation, that somebody is you. Unpacking is basically the packing but in the reverse direction. It will be easier if you declutter items before packing, and you already know where everything belongs. The hard part of unpacking is that you are already tired from the move, and unpacking will also require time and physical strength. To make unpacking easier for yourself, you should follow the ultimate unpacking checklist.

How to start unpacking according to the ultimate unpacking checklist?

The biggest mistake you could make when unpacking is to randomly start opening and unloading boxes. This way, the unpacking will be harder as you will make a mess and cause unnecessary stress. To keep levels of stress under control, you need to make a good unpacking plan. It would be very helpful if you can sort your moving boxes by rooms, and start unpacking one room at a time. You can start with the most important room like the kitchen and bathrooms. You can leave other rooms for the last to unpack. The items will be safe in plastic packing boxes for moving as they are durable, crash and water-proof. Your items will be protected from dust, dirt, and bugs, so you can focus your attention on unpacking other rooms.

A white kitchen and a green plant on the counter.

You should unpack your kitchen first.

The essential box should be the first one you unpack

The essential box or boxes as the name itself explains, contains the most essential items you will need in the first days of move-in. It's also the box or boxes that you will keep by your side during the move, and it’s the first you will take in your new home. It usually contains items such as,

  • Toiletries and items for the bathroom
  • Bed linen
  • Charger devices and electronics
  • A change of clothes and shoes
  • Basic kitchen items
  • Cleaning products

After the essential boxes, the next is cleaning before moving-in. The order of cleaning should be the same as the order of unpacking. You should start with the kitchen and bathroom as they are the most used rooms in the home. For this reason, the hygiene of this room should be at the highest level.

An open suitcase that contains items

Remember to prepare one essential box or suitcase.

The next step is the bedroom

After you unpack the kitchen and bathroom, the next room in the home is the bedroom. You should assemble a bed, put the linens from the essential box, and you have a place to sleep. After this, you can start with not-so-important things like furniture placement, closet organization, and other details. It's important to have a place where to eat, sleep, and a functional bathroom, and that is the point of the ultimate unpacking checklist. When you have the basics covered, you have all the time you need to unpack and decorate your new home.