Apr 25, 2024

Things to Discuss Before Moving in With A Friend

Things to Discuss Before Moving in With A Friend

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Numerous problems and challenges can arise when moving in with friends. The perfect picture of living with your friends ignores the difficulties of day-to-day cohabitation, which can test even the most solid relationships. By highlighting the possible drawbacks of moving in with friends, we aim to promote thoughtful consideration.

And that's why, before you sign a contract on shared housing, consider the following to ensure you've made the right decision.

Make Sure You Discuss The Lease With Your Roommate Before Signing

Lease Agreement

A rental contract is one of the most important documents when renting a house or apartment, especially when deciding to live with friends. So before you sign a rental contract, talk openly with your friend about their needs and expectations; clearly define living conditions so there are no misunderstandings later. In the contract, assign responsibilities to both or more parties, such as:

  • Paying rent
  • Distribution of costs for utilities
  • House or apartment cleaning and maintenance
  • Rules for guests

Be sure to state in the contract how you will solve the problem if there is a delay in rent payment or property damage.

Ask an Expert

Before signing the rental agreement, you should first consult with a real estate agent. They can give you advice and help when writing contracts and protect both or more parties. So, don't hesitate to ask for help from experts and thus reduce the possibility of future misunderstandings with your friends, which often happen.

Contract Termination

If living with a roommate does not meet your expectations and you decide to terminate the lease, the process can become complicated. Sharing a house, expenses, and finding a new space can cause tension and jeopardize friendships.

Financial Challenges

When you decide to live with friends, sharing expenses can sound tempting and a good solution, but managing finances with friends can be stressful. One of the most common problems is undefined and unset cost-sharing rules. Expenses that are not paid on time can lead to disagreements and thus endanger your friendly relationship.

This is why it is crucial to ensure you don’t make the mistake of moving in with friends.

Setting Clear Expectations and Rules      

Being best friends and living together can lead to different expectations. A great way to make sure all expectations are met before moving is:

  • How you’ll share space
  • Chores
  • Guest visits
  • Privacy

Because without clear rules, there is always tension and misunderstanding.

How to split the rent

When you live with a roommate, it is best to divide the rent into equal parts, depending on how many roommates live in the house or apartment. Your friend may lose his job or have some financial difficulties that may affect the payment of rent. Agree on how much each of you should pay and by when the rent should be paid. In some situations, the rent of the apartment will not be divided evenly and thus there will be misunderstandings between the roommates.

Privacy and roommates

When we share space with a friend, we feel like we don't have enough space for our activities. This can cause a feeling of discomfort and restriction to be with ourselves, and privacy is important for every person.

Because when we don't have enough privacy, we can hold back our thoughts and judgments, which can lead to problems in communication with a friend. That's why living together without respecting the boundaries between your common and personal space can lead to tensions and conflicts and thus damage your friendship.

Different lifestyles

Every person has his habits, but when you start living with a friend who also has his habits, misunderstandings often arise. Different habits in:

  • Cleaning
  • To sleep
  • Hygiene
  • Learning
  • Maintaining order.

All this can lead to tensions and endanger friendships.


Although you think you know your friend well, when you start living in the same apartment or house, too much time spent together can lead to oversaturation. While you and your friend may get along very well in socializing, sharing everyday space can show your differences.

Also, sometimes when friends live together, it can be difficult to say no to space, time, or resources. This is how conflicts, disagreements, and distance between friends occur. There is always a possibility that when you live together, you will find out something new about your friend that you will not like.

Problems with cleanliness and maintenance

Ensure You Always Tidy up Your Belongings

When you live together with one or more friends, everyone must know their obligations regarding maintaining hygiene in the apartment or house, such as:

  • Cleaning of common rooms
  • Washing the dishes
  • Vacuuming
  • Littering.

Often, different attitudes about obligations in the house or apartment can lead to conflict between friends.

Misunderstandings about visits and guests

The arrival of guests in your shared home can lead to misunderstandings. That's why it's important to set clear rules in advance:

  • How long can I stay?
  • How often can I come?
  • Can I transfer?

If relatives come to visit you, they often come with plans and interests that differ from those we share with friends, which can lead to conflict. The arrival of relatives can also create financial pressure, especially if additional costs for accommodation and food are required.

Also, the frequent arrival of friends and staying long and late at night can disrupt the peaceful rhythm of life that your friend is used to. Although visits from friends and relatives are normal, they can disrupt your life with your roommate.

Unforeseen expenses

Sharing an apartment with a friend as well as sharing expenses may sound like a good idea, but when unforeseen expenses arise, unpleasant situations may arise. Often, unpredictable expenses such as repairs or emergencies can make it even more difficult to share bills and thus jeopardize your friendship.

Irregular bill payments

Roommates who live together may have different financial capabilities, which can lead to problems when it comes to paying bills regularly. It often happens that one roommate pays his bills regularly and without delay, while the other is often late or avoids payment. This can lead to tension and misunderstandings between roommates.

Risk of a friendship breakup

Conflicts with friends are inevitable in everyday life. However, living together in the same apartment or house can lead to some unexpected problems that can seriously threaten your friendship. Many factors can damage your friendship, such as:

  • The feeling of crowding in the apartment or house
  • Money
  • Habits and routine
  • Communication

If a friendship breaks up, life together can become very stressful.

Communication problem

Friends often think it's a good idea to live together because they know each other and communicate well. Also, they connect because of similar interests. However, when differences in habits, routines, and needs arise, it can lead to conflict and communication problems. They often have a hard time dealing with conflicts because they fear it will hurt their friendship. Lack of conflict resolution skills can make communication even more difficult.


To avoid these bad sides of living together, it is important to clearly define agreements and rules to avoid misunderstandings and problems, thus endangering your friendship. Before you decide to live together with a friend, think carefully about all the possible consequences that may arise and, if they arise, whether you can solve them.

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