Dec 1, 2023

Tipping movers - how to do it right

Tipping movers - how to do it right

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Moving is a hard, long and stressful task. Once your plastic moving bins NYC arrive at your home and the rest of your things are delivered, you can start breathing a bit easier. Still, the question might occur - is tipping movers something you should do? While it is always a nice etiquette, there are some things you should know about this subject. Hence, this tips list which will guide you through it.

Determining factors for tipping movers

Since the type of moves differs, so is the tipping range. There is a lot to consider, but focus on these main factors:

  • Total moving costs - The overall cost of your relocation may define should you tip the movers. Do you feel like you've been overcharged for the quality of service that you have gotten? Or you think that movers did an excellent job beyond their pay grade? Did you also rent moving bins NYC from the movers and did they give you the discount since you're using their moving services. you have to look at all those details when deciding is tipping movers suitable.
  • The complexity of your move - Some relocation are much harder than others. It will depend are you moving locally or long distance. Also, a lot of stairs, narrow hallways and other moving difficulties will force your movers to invest more effort. When you determine the realistic complexity of your move you will have a better grasp to evaluate how much to tip your movers.
  • Quality of service - This is your take on the mover's attitude during the relocation. Did they arrive on time? Have they handled your belongings with care? Were they professional? Could they overcome the unpredictable difficulties efficiently and quickly?
Fingers holding bundle of money

Outstanding service deserves some form of tipping.

Regarding these factors, tipping movers is appropriate if:

  • The set timeline and scheduled times are honored completely
  • They deliver in a shorter time as against scheduled timeline
  • They have beaten the clock and delivered your belongings before the schedule.
  • Movers provide additional services like packing, wrapping of fragile items, renting moving bins
  • They managed to overcome moving difficulties easily
  • None of your items has any damages
  • Movers deliver professional top-notch service with excellent communication skills during the relocation

On the other hand, the unprofessional behavior and lack of respect for your time or belongings, damage or loss your things do not deserve tip in any form.

The biggest question - How much to tip your movers?

If the quality of service has impressed you and you wish to reward your movers, the unwritten rule is that you should tip them 5% to 10 % of the overall cost of the move. Still, you should divide that amount amongst all the movers participating in the loading, transporting and unloading or your shipment.Meaning if the total cost of your move is $800, it is common to leave a tip up to $80. If there are 4 movers on the job that implies you should give each a tip of $20.Of course, it isn't compulsory to give this exact percentage. It is just a common tip range people are usually leaving. You can go much higher, or you can give them how much you can. It is a good idea to save money on packing supplies and use it for tipping movers.

Man tipping movers

In the end, the motive behind any tipping is to show appreciation for the quality of service.While the amount isn't that important, but it still plays a big part in showing your appreciation for the mover's work. Also, it is worth mentioning that it isn't advisable to hand over the lump sum to just one mover. The best course of action is to hand them individually.However, it is up to you who will you tip. If you have one mover that was slacking off or provided poor service, you aren't in a need to reward him. On the other hand, if one mover is standing out with its excellent work, it is ok to give him a bigger tip. While tipping all movers equally is the best way, you can always tip each member of the crew as you see fit.

Other ways of tipping movers

While you can save some money on moving supplies, if you are moving in a very tight budget, you will need all the pennies you can get.Meaning you maybe won't have enough funds to tip your movers at the end of the relocation. On the other hand, tipping movers doesn't necessarily to be in cash. There are some other things that you can do to show your appreciation for them.

  • Foods: In the case that your move takes a lot of hard work and hours, it will be a kind thing to feed your movers. Sandwiches, snacks or pizza luck doesn't cost much, but they will show that you appreciate their efforts.
  • Drinks: If you're moving in the summer makes sure to prepare some refreshing beverages like cold sodas or water. Likewise, for moves during the cold weathers your movers will very appreciate a few cups of hot chocolate, coffee or tea to get the chill of their bones.
  • Freshen up: Preparing your bathroom by putting disposable paper towels and liquid soap for your movers to freshen up at the end of the day is nice ways to show that you cherish outstanding service they are providing.
  • Positive reviews: In the moving business, positive reviews with a lot of praise are even more valuable than money tip. If you think that your movers did a great job, write about your experience at some of the websites dedicated to moving reviews. Also, call the moving company and complement your moving crew. They will probably receive commendation from their employer for their excellent performance.

Pizza is always a nice guest of appreciation.

When to tip your movers?

Commonly, people tip their movers at the end of the relocation. However, you can tip your movers even before the move. It will give the additional motivation to provide maximum quality of service, so stretching a hand of gesture and tipping movers in advance is not a bad idea.