Dec 1, 2023

Tips and tricks for storing your vehicle during the winter

Tips and tricks for storing your vehicle during the winter

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There comes a time when most of us need to store our vehicles for a specific amount of time. For example, storing your vehicle during the winter can be most common. Winter is sometimes really harsh and you don't want anything to happen to your priced vehicle during harsh storms. Thus, some people opt for storing it instead. If you are thinking about this, but have never done it before, do not worry! We have prepared a short guide with tips and tricks that can help you with this one! Buckle-up and enjoy the ride, we certainly hope it helps!

Why should you consider storing your vehicle during the winter?

Harsh conditions can damage your vehicle badly. It is sometimes better to store it away and wait for the hazardous period to pass. Now that you have decided upon this already, you probably know why you should do it. The most important thing is the safety of your car. This guide will help you keep your car safe during winter. Prepare your must-have packing supplies and get ready to do some work on your vehicle! It is easy, but it will help you a lot!

storing your vehicle during the winter will prevent corrosion like this

A corroded oldtimer

What to do before storing your vehicle during the winter?

The most important thing to do before storing your vehicle during the winter is to prepare for the storage. In order to do so, follow this simple guide:

  • Clean everything - You need to clean everything in your car (inside and out) before deciding to place it into storage. This is a must! You need to store a clean car. Over prolonged periods of time, the dirt and everything that is not cleaned might corrode the metal or the paint and ruin your vehicle. Not to mention the smell that might come as a result of it. You will have to pay a lot for the repairs, so it is better safe than sorry! You can use eco friendly moving boxes to store everything you don't want inside.
  • Check everything - Everything in which small animals or rodents might live must be cleaned and emptied as well. Why? Because they will remain inside the car while it is stored if you don't do it beforehand. They can cause damage and they can also die in there and you won't be able to get rid of the smell for months!
  • Don't forget the fuel - If there is fuel in the tank, it can corrode everything inside! You need to either use a fuel stabilizer or to empty the tank before moving. This is very important because old fuel can damage your car in many ways, so always make sure that your tank is empty!
Before storing your vehicle during the winter, make sure to protect it

Protecting your vehicle

Additional tips:

  • Remember the car tires - Tires are usually overlooked when storing the vehicle is concerned. However, you need to inflate your tires with higher air pressure in order to keep them functional after you decide to remove it from storage area. Moreover, the tires will flatten if you don't, so keep this in mind!
  • Doors and windows (if any) - If you have doors and windows on your vehicle, make sure to check them out as well and to clean them. Windows will need some extra protection as well before the storage part. You need to have anti-freeze measures or chances are the glass might shatter or get damaged.
  • Double-check everything - It is always worthwhile to double-check anything. Your vehicle might be large and you might easily miss a few important details. Don't let that happen! Just double-check everything before storing your vehicle during the winter and you will be fine! Check some green box rentals and get appropriate storage items for anything you need to store away. It will help you a lot!
  • Create additional storage - You need to create additional storage in your garage for your vehicle. Don't forget that it will be there for months. Do that before doing anything else and clean the place as much as you can.

The process of storing your vehicle during the winter:

The preparation takes at least more than 80% of the entire process. If you have done everything we said, you should focus on storing the actual vehicle. Move the vehicle to the desired location (preferably in a garage) and start the process of storing. You need to do it in a way that the layers you put on top of your car won't damage the car in any way. For example, some materials can corrode the metal or even peel off the paint. You don't want that, so use materials that won't damage your priced possession.Moreover, make sure to get informed about everything. If you are in doubt, you can always hire professional help. There are some benefits of hiring professionals even when storing a vehicle is concerned. Chances are they will do a much better job than you would. Furthermore, you can rest easily after because they are professionals after all. Never hesitate to ask for help, especially professionals.

car enterier

It is very important to clean the interior as well

A few steps:

  • Start - Start your storage process by making sure that the smallest bits are covered and protected. Tires, windshields, exhaust pipe, etc. You can't provide further protection once you start putting on bigger layers.
  • Middle - Put the first protection layer on top of your car and make sure that there are not any holes or anything you wouldn't want on your layer. Also make sure that everything is sealed, but not in a way that there is moisture trapped between the layers.
  • Finish - You should finish by adding a loose protection layer on top of everything and double-checking if everything went according to plan. After you complete this step, you have completed your job!


Sometimes it is better to decide that storing your vehicle during the winter is the best option. But, it is the best option for as long as you know how to store it. We sincerely hope that this guide has helped you a lot with the entire process and that you learned something useful today. Moreover, you value your car a lot. Protect it a lot!